How to Choose the Right Office Chairs for Your Business

Office chairs might not be the first thing that springs to mind when you consider the comfort of employees and clients. As it turns out, the right office chair can be crucial in making or breaking a deal as well as increasing staff morale. When it comes down to choosing the right office chairs for your business, there are a few main factors to consider.

Always Consider the Shape of the Office Chair

While the padding and material of an office chair can certainly go a long way, the shape of the office chair is just as important. Good office chairs feature a full back that allows employees and clients to sit back and relax without straining their muscles.

Ideally, office chairs should have waterfall seats, or a seat that curves down in front. The curve prevents the seat from catching on the occupant’s knees when they stand. The edges of the seat should also be soft and contoured appropriately to avoid putting pressure on the thighs and buttocks.

A common part of office chairs that business owners and supply staff tend to forget about are the armrests. If employees need to shrug or maneuver their shoulders in order to rest their elbows on the armrests, then the office chair isn’t suited for them. In fact, needing to do so can result in arm, shoulder, and wrist pain.

To put it simply, sitting in a good office chair means being comfortable at 90-degree angles. If your hips, knees, arms, and ankles can’t rest at a 90-degree angle comfortably, then you’re in the wrong office chair. Fortunately, choosing the right chairs for your business doesn’t have to be expensive. A simple high back mesh chair can go a long way when it comes to maximizing employee comfort.

An Office Chair Should Be Easily Adjustable

Not every human being fits a specific mold, making it important to choose an office chair that’s easily adjustable. Occupants should be able to raise and lower the seat at will, tilt side to side, and offer a slight backward tilt function. Most importantly, office chair occupants should be able to adjust the chair without the need for any tools.

An office chair’s adjustability is pertinent to maintaining the health of clients and employees who use them. Taller employees may need to raise the seat in order to keep their knees at a comfortable angle. Shorter clients might need to lower the seat in order for their ankles to rest evenly.

The mobility of an office chair goes hand-in-hand with the chair’s adjustability. Chairs have gotten both lighter and more durable in the past few decades. As a result, modern office chairs are fairly mobile. In order to maximize occupant comfort, an office chair should be easily maneuverable and adjustable.

The Office Chair’s Material Matters

An office chair’s upholstery not only determines how comfortable it is, but how long it lasts. Since employees and clients will be sitting in the chair all day, businesses can expect the seating surfaces to see plenty of use. According to the Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program, which advises the federal government, the perfect office chair will have breathable material that isn’t itchy or rough.

As your business grows, so will your need for new, more comfortable office chairs. Experts recommend replacing office chairs every five years due to the amount of wear and tear they go through. When it comes to buying new office chairs for your business, just remember that, ultimately, comfort is king. If it isn’t comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, then it isn’t the right office chair for you.

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