Cassida Cube - Automatic Mixed Bill Counter & Sorter

by Cassida
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  • Counts accurately up to 250 bills per minute
  • Recognizes mixed denomination of bills automatically
  • Identifies bank notes whether face down or up
  • Choose SORT to sort by denomination when the first bill is put in
  • Count money anywhere with ac or battery power
  • Rechargeable battery included works for hours of use
  • Lightweight for travel - 4.2 pounds
  • Compact size of 6.6” x 5.9”x 5.9”
  • Beneficial for offices, banks, retailers, casinos, restaurants, events, etc.

Product Description

Versatile and easy to use

The Cassida Cube is a versatile and easy to use money counting machine. With this bill counter you don't need to waste time counting or sorting dollar bills by hand. This machine does it all for you. With The Cube all you need to do to count your money is simply put your bills into the machine, press a button and it will start counting.

Counts and Identifies Mixed Nominations of bills

The Cube works by identifying denominations automatically, and tracks the count and value of bills put into the machine at the same time. A report (which can also be printed) is displayed on the machines screen that shows counts by the bills denominations and values - so it gives you a full account of your money counting.

Portable Counting

The Cube runs on both AC plug in power and an included rechargeable 12 volt battery, making it easy to bring this bill counter and sorter on the go for trade shows, events or anywhere else you need to count and sort mixed stacks of bills. On a single charge this machine can give you hours of continuous use.