Semacon S-120 Heavy Duty Coin Counter

by Semacon


  • Features an easy to use control panel for setting the coin size with presets for all US coins. (For other coin size presets please contact us for more information)
  • It Operates automatically for the best in high speed counting and sorting coins. It's electronic coin counting system provides an easy to use selection of a variety of bagging and packaging stop points.
  • The S-120's features a push button control panel which provides the most commonly used functions by the machines operator.
  • It also comes with an off sort function feature that can count and back or package the largest coins and separate smaller coins into another bag or tray. The off sort feature can also be used to separate foreign coins and tokens from your coins.
  • These coin counters can process coins at ultra high speeds (up to 2,000 coins per minute) and are quieter than many other coin counters and sorters.
  • The S-100 Semacon series is very durable and is made with heavy duty metal components designed to stand heavy use, harsh environments, and can handle wet coin.
  • International models such as for Canadian and Mexican coins are available upon request.
  • The S-120 model is designed for easy portability and can be transported to multiple locations and is easy to store when not being used. The lid can works as a tray for coin inspecting to feed coins into the hopper and when it is closed it protects the counter so it can be transported with the built in carrying handle.
  • Optional Packaging and Wrapping tubes are also available to add on separately in US, Canadian, European, and other types of coins.
  • Weighs about 18 pounds
  • Comes with Counting, Adding, Bagging, Batching, Packaging and Off-sorting Modes. Batching Range 1-9999. Coin/Token Thickness 1.0-3.5 mm
  • Accessories included are Off-sort Bagging Attachment and Off-sort Tray

Product Description

The Semacon S-120 is made for high volume coin counting and off-sorting, and are used by industries and businesses such as banks, retail stores, credit unions, vending machine operations, amusement operators, laundry centers, car washes, and various other industries throughout the world. These Coin Counters are easy to use, work fast and are made with heavy duty construction for long lasting use.

Semacon's quality promise is that all their machines are extensively tested and burned under rigorous conditions in their US facility assuring the highest quality and reliability for their products.