Cash Registers

iTestCash offers the latest models of Royal Supplies Cash Registers and ships to businesses all over the U.S. We aim to carry only the best quality registers that are used by businesses ranging from restaurants, retailers, supermarkets and chain stores to banks and Government institutions.

Cash Registers

Our registers are used by businesses all over the United States from small sized businesses to big corporations and financial institutions. We are currently carrying Royal Supplies most popular registers on the market.

Royal Supplies was founded in 1904 and has been around since the beginning of modern day retailing and we are happy to be offering their cash registers online. We always aim to provide high levels of customer satisfaction and we decide which registers and products to carry based on customer satisfaction reported to both us and the brands that we carry.

Multi Featured

The registers we carry can work for numerous clerks, provide over hundreds of Price Look Ups for products and be connected to a computer with optional programs so you can download the totals from your cash registers at the end of the day.

High Quality Guaranteed

All our registers are guaranteed to work just like they are supposed to. If you have questions about any of the registers we carry feel free to send us a message and we'll get back to you soon.