Semacon S-140 Heavy Duty Coin Counters

by Semacon


  • The Semacon S-140 is one of the top heavy duty coin counters on the market today. It comes with easy to use operating features and can count at high speeds of up to 1800 coins per minute. It is made with heavy metal components to last long in with heavy use and in harsh environments.
  • Can sort mixed coins one size at a time with coin/token diameters from 14 to 34 mm and coin/token thickness 1.0 to 3.5 mm.
  • Comes with Counting Modes - Counting, Adding, Batching, Bagging, Packaging, Offsorting and has a Batching Range of 1-9999
  • The S-100's models feature a pushbutton control panel that provides the most commonly used functions by the operator.
  • For Coin Sorting these models come with an offsort function which can count and optionally bag or package the largest coins in the pile and separate smaller coins into another bag or a tray. The offsort function can also be used to separate foreign coins or tokens from your coins.
  • These Coin Counters can count coins at ultra high speeds and are also quieter than many other coin counters. The heavy metal materials it is made with can handle wet coins in addition to heavy use and active environments.
  • The S-100 Coin Counters have models available for Canadian and Mexican coins and other international control panels can be developed upon request.

Product Description

As a Semacon machine you can be assured by the Semacon Quality Promise that their machines are tested extensively and burned in rigorous conditions in their US facility to assure the highest possible quality and reliability.  The S-140's are used by places such as banks, venues, credit unions, retail stores, amusement parks, laundries, car washes and other industries throughout the world.