Coin Counters & Sorters

Our coin counters and sorters can count hundreds of coins in minutes. If you have a business that takes in large amounts of coins regularly like a retailers, theme parks, banks and casinos, we have the tools for you. Our selection of electronic coin counters are carefully chosen to suit all kinds of coin counting operations

Cassida C200 Coin Counter / Sorter / Wrapper
  • Counts up to 300 bills per minute
  • Hopper holds up to 2000 coins at a time
  • Counting, adding and batching modes
Cassida C850 Coin Counter / Off Sorter / Wrapper
  • Counts up to 1,900 coins per minute
  • Counting features include simple count, auto stop and memory function
  • Counts all United States and Canadian coins
Semacon S-120 Heavy Duty Coin Counter
  • Counts up to 2,000 coins per minute
  • Ideal for business such as retailers, banks, credit unions, vending machine operators, laundry centers and more
  • Designed for easy portability
Semacon S-140 Heavy Duty Coin Counters
  • Counts up to 1,800 coins per minute
  • Counting, adding and batching modes
  • Offsort function that can count and separate large and smaller coins

What are the benefits of electronic coin counters?

There are many benefits to being able to count and sort coins electronically. They help to save businesses time from counting large amounts of coins by hand. What would take minutes or hours of coin counting can now be done in a matter of minutes.

Our electronic coin counters are incredibly accurate and will report dollar values and number of coins for each denomination, removing the risk of human counting error. Our range of machines also include options to sort coins directly into coin tubes for paper roll wrappers and to separate out foreign currency or tokens depending on the model.

How fast are your coin counters? How many coins can they handle?

All of our electronic coin counters at iTestCash are state of the art and can accurately sort and count hundreds or thousands of coins in mere minutes, including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar coins. The Cassida C200, one of our most popular models, can hold up to 2000 dimes worth of coins at a time.

Are electronic coin sorters difficult to use?

All our products at iTestCash are rigorously tested before being passed on to our customers. Our coin counters include simple, straightforward instructions and easy to read displays. We have both lightweight portable coin sorters for use anywhere and heavy-duty electronic coin sorters for businesses that deal with large amounts of coin. All of our products are backed by warranties to ensure accurate and reliable coin counting for businesses.