Money Counting Machines

Save time with cash handling processes, prevent money losses due to human counting errors and Count thousands of bills accurately in minutes. Our machines are suitable for any types of businesses that work with cash.

Our coin counters and sorters can also count hundreds of coins in minutes. If you have a business that takes in large amounts of coins regularly like retailers, theme parks, banks and casinos, we have the tools for you. 


How do our machines work?

Most of our models work by counting stacks of bills you put into the machine. Before you add cash, you can set on the machine what type of bills will you be putting into it.

So for example if you are counting a stack of $20 bills, you just set the machine to 20 and it will add them up. If you are trying to stack your bills, such as counting 15- $20 bills at a time, you can set some of the machines to stacking mode and when you take the counted bills out of the tray it will continue to count the next stack of bills.

Most of our models will notify you of any errors while counting:

Half notes - which will alert you if any bills in your stack are partly ripped or folded; Double notes - In case two bills go into the counter at the same time, this will avoid having a miscount and Chain notes- in case a bill gets removed from the machine before it finishes going through the feeder to be counted.

What are the benefits of Money Counters?

1. Accurate and reliable counting

When it comes down to it, there is room for error when counting hundreds or thousands of bills at a time,  and it can hurt a businesses bottom line if money is mismanaged.  Bill counting machines provide accurate and reliable results that can save time and money. Money counting that used to take up a lot of time can now be done in minutes with these machines.

2. Increased productivity

These machines can free up hours of time for any businesses that counts currency, in comparison to spending all that time counting bills by hand. With these machines, you can count hundreds of bills accurately in seconds, reducing human error while counting and freeing up your time.

Many of our currency counters also include counterfeit money detection, providing a two in one solution to help you prevent your business from receiving fraudulent money while providing you with the benefits of fast and accurate money counting.

3. Protecting your business from money fraud

Many money counters now include counterfeit detection providing an extra layer of security to businesses. As counterfeit detection technology progresses there are still tens of millions in fake dollars being spread to people and businesses according to on going reports. With a quick search online on any given day you can see new stories coming up regularly about counterfeit money being passed into stores and people getting busted for using or possessing fake cash.

What are the benefits of electronic coin counters?

There are many benefits to being able to count and sort coins electronically. They help to save businesses time from counting large amounts of coins by hand. What would take minutes or hours of coin counting can now be done in a matter of minutes.

Our electronic coin counters are incredibly accurate and will report dollar values and number of coins for each denomination, removing the risk of human counting error. Our range of machines also include options to sort coins directly into coin tubes for paper roll wrappers and to separate out foreign currency or tokens depending on the model.

How fast are your coin counters? How many coins can they handle?

All of our electronic coin counters at iTestCash are state of the art and can accurately sort and count hundreds or thousands of coins in mere minutes, including pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar coins. The Cassida C200, one of our most popular models, can hold up to 2000 dimes worth of coins at a time.