Semacon S-1225 Bank Grade Currency Counter with UV & MG Counterfeit Detection

by Semacon
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  • Bank grade counter - runs continuously for hours at a time 
  • Hopper capacity 300 bills, Stacker capacity 200 bills 
  • 3 speed settings - Counts up to 800/1200/1600 bills per minute
  • 10 button numeric key pad for accessing the batching along with simple on/off buttons for other commonly used features
  • Error Detection thoroughly detects "errors" to ensure most accurate counts available from desktop currency counters
  • UV (ultra violet) and MG (magnetic) Counterfeit Detection
  • Dual MG (Magnetic Ink) detection heads with adjustable sensitivity levels for detecting magnetic ink on new bills
  • Smart Feed Advanced Bank Note Feed System Technology processes bank notes of all conditions including money that is brand new and worn out

Product Description

The Semacon S-1225 Currency Counter is a bank grade counter that is ideal for any business that processes low to very large amounts of cash daily.

This currency counter is made with heavy duty construction which gives a reliable and long lasting product.

User Friendly Design

The S-1200 Series Bank Grade Currency Counters are made for use in environments that use high volumes of money daily such as banks, credit unions, casinos, concert halls, movie theaters, large retailers and other industries. It's intuitively designed control panel includes a 10 digit key pad for batching along with other buttons for commonly used features making the S-1200 currency counters easy to operate in a variety of uses.

Ultraviolet and Magnetic Counterfeit Money Detection

Which is designed to spot suspect and suspicious bank notes with Ultraviolet and Magnetic Counterfeit Detection technology.

Error Detection

Error detection analyzes banknotes to detect all kinds of possible bank note feeding errors to ensure the most accurate counts available on a currency counter.

High Performance

The S-1225 Counters can count at high speeds of up to 1600 banknotes per minute and are made with high performance full duty cycle components designed to run for many years in high volume environments. With it's heavy duty construction flexible operations and ease of use it makes for an accessible currency counter that can work at high volume with multiple uses.

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