Paper Shredders

Paper shredding is one of the best ways to protect yourself against identity and information theft. Whether you've got confidential information on printed documents, CDs, DVDs or ID cards that you need to dispose of, you'll find everything you need at iTestCash. We carry reliable, durable shredders for both home and business use. Check out our selection of cross cut paper shredders or read on below for more information on what we can offer you.

Swingline DS22-19 Strip Cut Jam Free Shredder (22 Sheets)
  • Recommended for medium to big departments or offices that shred regularly
  • Can shred paper, documents, credit cards, ID's, staples and paper clips
  • Shreds up to 22 sheets of paper per pass
Swingline EX12-05 Super Cross-Cut Shredder
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  • Level P-4 super cross-cut shredding for added shredding security
  • Shreds paper, CD's, documents, staples and most unopened mail
  • Can run continuously for 20 minutes with a 15 minute cool down for shredder longevity

I just want small machine for paper shredding at home, but I've heard consumer-quality shredders often jam. What should I choose?

Both of our Royal cross cut paper shredders are ideal for home or small office use. They can handle 8 or 12 sheets at a time without jamming. At iTestCash, we rigorously tested a wide range of shredders before determining which brands we would carry, and found Royal to be one of the most reliable and easy to use paper shredding brands around. These paper shredders are small enough to fit in a home office, but still have a surprising waste capacity and helpful features like auto start and stop.

What is the capacity of your paper shredders? How many sheets can they shred at once?

At iTestCash, we recognize that different homes and businesses have different paper shredding requirements. Our range of paper shredders includes machines that can handle anywhere from 8-22 sheets of paper at a time, with waste capacities of 2.75 to 19 gallons. Whether you want to shred your bank statements at home or large quantities of confidential business documents at the office, we've got the right paper shredders for you.

What if I need to destroy something other than paper documents?

All the cross cut paper shredders we carry at iTestCash can handle more than just paper documents. Our Royal CX80 and Swingline Stack and Shred can also handle credit cards and ID cards, and our Royal PX1201 and our industrial Swingline DS22-19 can handle credit and ID cards as well as CDs and DVDs for complete document disposal security.

Why should I choose iTestCash?

At iTestCash, we've been providing individuals and businesses everywhere with tools to protect themselves and their property against theft and fraud since 2007. We focus on bringing you reliable, durable paper shredders to help make shredding confidential documents simple and convenient. In this day and age, it's vital that you protect your personal or business information against theft, and you can count on iTestCash to provide you with the best tools for the job.