Swingline DS22-19 Strip Cut Jam Free Shredder (22 Sheets)

by Swingline


  • Along with documents the DS22 can also shred items such as CD's, DVD's, identification cards, credit cards, paper clips, staples and documents
  • Features a Non stop Jam Free function that glows a red light when there is too much paper put into the machine to prevent any jams from happening. A green LED light glows when the shredder is within its operating capacity.
  • A 19 gallon pull out section is featured to conveniently catch all the shredded material and can be used with a plastic shredder bag to recycle the waste.
  • Works continuously with an intelligent Power Save feature that automatically shuts down the shredder if needed to conserve energy and wakes up automatically when paper is inserted into it.
  • Comes with a 2 year manufacturers warranty.
  • 30" Height x 16" Width x 19" Depth

Product Description

The Swingline DS22 is a great choice for fast and easy shredding. It can shred up to 22 sheets of paper and documents at a time for Level P-2 Security shredding which means it can strip sensitive internal documents. This Shredder is recommended for departments and offices that have around 10-20 people who shred regularly. It is made with technology to be run continuously throughout the day so it can be relied upon in environments that shred often.