M-280 ID Reader Ultimate Solution With Flatbed Scanner & Veriscan Plus Software

by IDScan

VeriScan Plus List of Features

  • Reads most ID cards including Driver's Licenses issued by Government and States ID cards (from all provinces in United States and Canada)
  • Save photo images via connected USB camera
  • Store & manage profiles and visit images
  • Options for Age Verification
  • Multiple alert message entry options - (ID velocity check) with custom time frames
  • Collect and maintain customers information such as names and mailing addresses
  • Create/exports log in multiple formats with exact time information
  • Manage customer categories such as VIP, Blacklist, etc.
  • Comments for every customer/visit
  • Color message and sound alerts
  • Export data in multiple formats
  • Capture up to 3 images per scan
  • Classify patrons’ entry by Visit type
  • Ability to enter information for damaged cards
  • Works with wide variety of devices, including E-seek readers, variety of 2D scanners, RFID readers, etc
  • Design and print (upon scan) custom reports such as badges, tags, applications, etc
  • Options for Membership expirations and inactivation 
  • Supports VeriScan Online Cloud, works with VeriScan Mobile and VS Online for iPhone
  • Easy to use and install
  • Password protection capabilities- options, settings, reports, exports
  • Authentication support for Biometrics and Fingerprint 
  • Electronic Signature support (signature pad required, sold separately)

Product Description

The M-280 ID scanner is a top of the line solution to validate ID's on the spot and capture the ID's image and information.   It works on Identification cards from United States and Canada.  The scanners reader allows you take images from any cards that are the same size as a driver's license including students IDs, business cards, credit cards and more. The M-280 can read any IDs that are state issued and copy images on both sides (front and back) of cards in under 5 seconds. It combines age verification, customer data collection and ID photocopying into an easy to use system.

ID Validation

Any business that needs to validate ID's can benefit from this device. In a matter of seconds you can verify the authenticity of a persons ID and help prevent ID fraud such as with chargebacks on orders and spotting fake id cards on the spot. This can also be used to manage and keep track of visitors to a location.

Accurate Data Entry

The device enters data into its system in a few seconds with 100% accuracy. Businesses that use devices like these include - retail stores, groceries, financial institutions, banks, hotels, night clubs and casinos.

Additional Features

Other features include groups such as VIP and banned people, badges for visitors, age verification, information for reporting, fingerprinting, electronic signatures and more.

Included with the System is Veriscan Plus- which features access control, CRM, visitor management, and membership management software for systems running Windows and the M-280 ID Reader with Flatbed Scanner

M-280 Card Reader with Flatbed Scanner

The M-280 incorporates a magnetic stripe reader and 2D barcode reader with a flatbed scanner (300 dpi). The M-280 can read any ID card, including driver's licenses, military IDs, Common Access Cards, and other state identification cards.  The ID card or licenses can also can be placed on top of the scratch proof scanning lens, and with the press of a button, a full high resolution picture (JPEG) of the ID is caught and connected to the information stream. With the capacity to rapidly and easily save the ID data and pictures, the M-280 is a versatile device that is ideal for any type of ID scanning needs.

VeriScan Plus

VeriScan gives a compelling and easy to operate ID reading software with ability to capture photographic images via connected camera.  Collect, update, and maintain your guests records through an easy to understand interface.  Export data in multiple formats, print badges, save log entries and set up custom alerts.  VeriScan is easy to set up and doesn't require programming knowledge - all you need to use it is a PC running Windows XP (SP3), Vista or 7.

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