M310 Veriscan Mobile ID Scanner

by IDScan

Features and uses

  • Quick ID Identification. The most important use of M310 and Veriscan is to help you quickly identify fake or invalid IDs and deal with potentially unwanted visitors. Any business which needs to validate IDs can gain from using the M310. It can be helpful in keeping track of guests of entrants. You can even sort out people. The device is perfect for large scale events where you need to quickly identify and record entry of people. In a matter of seconds, you can check and record data of your guests and organize your event.
  • Versatile Functionality. Veriscan can be used for reading all types and kinds of ID cards issued in Canada and U.S.A from gun control to state IDs and even common access cards.
  • Easy Data Collection. You can collect all types of contact information from the scanned cards. This data is organized and available instantly on mobile devices. This way you can contact specific people who were identified at specific times. You can even take out contact information of only males or females in the data or find out the ages of all your entrants.
  • Verify Age on the Spot. Verifies age on the spot when used to check ID's
  • Ready Out of the Box. No complicated set up required - the M310 can work right out of the box.
  • 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty Included. No need to worry about the scanner going out on you. A warranty is included that covers all manufacturer issues so should any problem ever arise we can replace  it right away. Extended Warranty is also available upon request.
  • Battery Life. Lasts long with 8-10 hours of use used with battery.

Veriscan Mobile Plus Features

  • Password Protect information. You can protect options, settings, reports, exports and sensitive data with password protection features.
  • Privacy Settings. encrypt ID numbers, save demographic data only, etc.
  • Custom Agreements & ID Scan Capture. Make customer agreements and capture signatures for ID Scans
  • Update Scan Ability. You can edit and update addresses for ID Scans

Product Description

Veriscan Mobile M310 solution

M310 Mobile ID scanner coupled with Veriscan software is a top notch combo for tackling ID verification issues. You can use it for verifying driver’s, state and Military IDs in both America and Canada.

Endorsed by organizations such as the Sacramento Police Department, the M310 is a sophisticated product. Veriscan software is designed to not only handle it smoothly but also provide a host of additional benefits and features.

M310 scanner

The M310 contains state of the art tech for scanning and then collecting information on an ID card. This information can also be verified and analyzed for results and of course security purposes. The device boasts an incredible 8-10 hours long battery life. Plus it comes with a feature for portable ID card reading.

Veriscan software

As an ID scanner, M310’s hardware capabilities are boosted exponentially with the Veriscan software. This software works fantastically in organizing your data. With Veriscan installed on your M310, you can make groups such as banned, VIPs, guests, and match the IDs scanned with these groups to quickly organize and manage large groups of people. You can also use this software for identifying and verifying ages and also generate reports.

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