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A Leading website in Money Handling and Security Products.

Since 2007 iTestCash has been offering the best products for counterfeit money detection to ensure against counterfeit money. On our site you can get some of the best products on the market to protect you and your businesses from forgery. You can find products that can be used for all needs relating to money; such as checking the validity of ID's, checks, credit cards, cash, etc... and a variety of other office, security, bank and retail supplies.

Why iTestCash.com?

Leading Security & Office Brands - You will find leading brands of office and security products on our website including Accubanker, Cassida, Semacon, Royal, VuPoint Solutions, Buddy Products, Dri Mark and more who have long standing reputations for producing reliable and top quality products.

30 Day Guarantee -  The products on our websites are carefully chosen to ensure that you are getting top of the line items & machines so they can be counted on to deliver top of the line performance. As long as the product is kept in good condition, we give customers a 30 day guarantee that products on our website will work as advertised. In case of any problems we will refund the product.

Secure Shopping - We use SSL Security which is the same level of security that banks use to secure their websites. Payments are processed with Paypal and Stripe, which are both highly secure platforms ensuring you have a safe shopping experience on iTestCash.

Fast Shipping - Orders are shipped out soon after we receive them so you can be assured that your orders here will arrive in a timely fashion.

Customer Service - At iTestCash you can be assured you will receive fast and reliable customer service. If you have any questions or comments about orders or any products, feel free to contact us and we will get right back to you.