Accubanker Multi-Scanix D585 Automatic Counterfeit Money Detector

by AccuBanker
Save $107.00 (36%)


  • Reduces Counterfeit Losses
  • Multi orientation feeding system
  • Immediate Banknote Verification
  • Multi Detection (MG/ IR/ UV/ Image/ Spectrum/ Length )
  • Automatic Loading
  • Multi Currency / Multi Language Detection
  • On Screen Report of currency verified
  • Automatic Addition Function
  • Reporting and Printing Functions
  • Software Upgradeable 
  • Three year manufacturers warranty

Product Description

Detects US and Foreign Currencies

Identify, detect, and count with the latest in multi currency identification technology. This counterfeit detector boasts the ability to identify currencies from multiple countries and display their values in multiple languages!

Currencies it can detect include US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds,.

Easy to Use

To use it - simply insert the bill into the feeding slot and the unit is able to recognize and verify the bill as it is. If the bill is recognized as a genuine bill, the unit will verify the bill as well as display the number of bills of bills counted.

Immediate Banknote Verification

The multi orientation feature makes the D585 a user friendly detector. An extremely easy and efficient machine, the D585 can immediately verify a banknote, keep track of bill counts , and its authenticity. It is truly a versatile component to any business.