How Do Counterfeit Pens Work?

With more and more counterfeit bills circulating the market, no individual or business is completely safe from fake money. As a business owner, it can be extremely difficult to determine if your customers are paying with legitimate cash.

Even the most loyal customers may not know that they’ve been handing out counterfeit cash. In this guide, you’ll learn everything you need to know about how counterfeit pen detectors work and why these simple tools can save your business thousands of dollars in profit every month.

What is a Counterfeit Pen Detector? When dealing with cash payments, our first instinct is to believe that it’s legitimate. However, advancements in technology have made it increasingly difficult to distinguish fake bills from genuine ones.

To keep up with these developments, counterfeit pen detectors have been designed to be easy-to-use and extremely accessible markers that can help anyone who handles cash on a daily basis. With just one small mark on the bill, a counterfeit money detection tool can instantly identify if the money in your hands is fake.

How Does a Counterfeit Pen Detector Work?

To understand how these pens can identify counterfeit bills, one has to remember that all U.S. dollars are printed on Crane paper, also known as substrate. These special substrates are made of a combination of cotton and linen, which gives authentic cash its signature texture. 

Since this kind of paper is unavailable to the public, counterfeiters use regular wood-based paper that can be detected by the pen.


When marking fake money, a bill printed on wood-based paper will instantly react to the iodine solution contained in the pen. If the mark remains a pale shade of yellow, then you have nothing to worry about. But if the mark turns into a dark shade of blue or black, the bill is unauthentic. 

Do Counterfeit Pen Detectors Permanently Stain Authentic Bills?

As a first-time buyer, you may have concerns about counterfeit bill checkers, such as whether or not they’ll stain permanently. Luckily, detector pens are good at being relatively discrete. 

When using the pen, any mark you make simply stays a light shade of yellow. After a day or so, the mark won’t even be visible to the naked eye.


Advantages of Using a Counterfeit Pen Detector

Avoid financial losses

Finding out that you’ve been paid with fake cash at the bank can be a major disappointment. Since the bank is not liable for the transaction, you won’t be reimbursed, meaning you’ll simply have to record it as an expense. Don’t let fake currency eat up your margins! 

Instant identification

In just a matter of moments, you’ll know if the cash in your hands is authentic or not. This can be incredibly useful if you’re a business handling loads of bills a day. Since these pens can reveal counterfeit bills in just a few seconds, you’ll also be able to catch thieves right after handing you the bills.


If you’re a first-time user of counterfeit detectors, then pen checkers make a great introduction to this kind of technology. With just a small investment, you can find out for yourself how useful anti-counterfeit measures can be. As a business, counterfeit bills can cost you more than just profit margins.

Protection from legal complications

If you’re constantly bringing counterfeit bills to the bank, it may raise some unwanted questions. In the long term, it may affect your reputation and future transactions with your local bank. It can also potentially bring legal complications if you were suspected to be intentionally using fake money.

Luckily, you can avoid any embarrassing situations by simply checking the authenticity of your cash before depositing it. 

Choosing the Right Counterfeit Pen Detector for Your Business

When choosing a counterfeit pen detector, you’ll want something sturdy and long-lasting. Cheaping out on a fake note detector may just get you something that dries up within a few days. 


With our original Dri Mark detector pens, you can test thousands of bills without worrying about running out of ink. Thanks to years of perfecting the design and formula, these high-quality pens come with 100% efficacy rates! 


As the pioneer in the counterfeit pen industry, these handy tools are perfect for anyone who handles a high volume of cash on a regular basis. The pens also come in packs of 1s, 3s, and 5s, so make sure to stock up and keep them around important spots at the office or at your establishment.

Final Thoughts

As more counterfeit bills flood the market, every business can protect itself from financial fraud with these affordable and effective pens. At ITestCash, we also offer a wide range of anti-counterfeit tools and security devices to protect your business from all kinds of threats. Check out more articles on our blog to learn more about how you can boost your security and save thousands of dollars in the long run.

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