iTestCash offers multiple security products and supplies to help keep your most valuable assets safe and accounted for.

100ft Siamese Video Power Audio Cable, AHD TVI HD-SDI CVI CCTV Cameras
  • Can be used with CCTV, AHD, TVI, CVI & HD-SDI security cameras
  • Simplifies security system installation by removing the need to cut cable and crimp the ends yourself
  • Will work with any analog CCTV camera that uses a BNC video connector, 2.1mm power plug & RCA for audio
1080p HD CCTV Smart Camera, AHD Security Camera
  • Captures video in 1080p resolution
  • Built in infrared sees as far as 100 feet in total darkness
  • Remote viewing and camera with mobile apps for iPhone and Android
Buddy Products Cash Drawer with Alarm Bell
  • Triggers an alarm bell when the drawer is opened
  • 10 compartment money tray keeps currency separated in one place
  • The drawer can be locked with its key
Coin and Bill Tray with Lid
  • 10 compartment tray keeps bills and coins secure
  • Keeps money easily organized
  • Wafer lock is included on the lid and comes with two keys
Electronic 48 Capacity Key Safe
  • Electronic keypad can be programmed for limited access and security
  • Stores and organizes up to 48 keys on its hinges
  • Its door is made with heavy duty 11 gauge steel for security
accubanker retail dropsafe s200

Retail Drop Safe S200

  • Keeps high denomination bills locked and stored to reduce risk of theft
  • Compact size allows it to be easily hidden and used
  • Locking mechanism opens with a key so only authorized key holders can open the safe
IDVR-PRO CCTV/HD Security Camera DVR
  • Hybrid analog CCTV/HD security camera DVR with 4 channels and supports 720 AHD & 1080 AHD cameras
  • Can record 4-16 channels depending on the model, at 30 frames per second
  • Easy to use software applications allow for easy use
Buddy Products Jumbo Cash Box Sold out
  • Keep bills, change and checks secure
  • Its 7 compartment tray leaves space to keep papers and small items locked underneath it
  • Recommended for businesses and personal use
Key Cabinet - 300 Capacity

Key Cabinet - 300 Capacity

  • Holds up to 300 keys at a time
  • Key sections are split into 100 numbers for easy organization
  • Sections have different colors for easy identification of specific departments and floors, etc.
Key Cabinet - 60 Capacity

Key Cabinet - 60 Capacity

  • Holds up to 60 keys on its hinges
  • Securely locks for with wafer tumbler lock
  • Durable keg tags have easy to read numbers and metal snap hooks
Key Cabinet, 28 Hook

Key Cabinet, 28 Hook

  • Holds 28 keys on its hooks at a time
  • Keys can be hooked on the cabinets walls and door hinges
  • Easy way to organize and keep keys safe
M-280 ID Reader Ultimate Solution With Flatbed Scanner & Veriscan Plus Software
  • Reads most ID cards from the US and Canada
  • Store & Manage Profiles & Images
  • Capture up to 3 images per scan
M310 Veriscan Mobile ID Scanner
from $1,280.00

M310 Veriscan Mobile ID Scanner

  • Quick ID Identification
  • Easy data collection from scanned cards
  • Ready out of the box
Buddy Products Paymaster Cash Box
  • Fits right into desk drawers at 2-1/4" height
  • Popular for retailers and convince stores
  • Its compartment tray keeps coins and bills secure
Wall Safe

Wall Safe

  • Easily mount into any wall
  • Heavy gauge steel door to keep valuables from theft
  • Approx 500 cubic inches of space to store valuables
Wide Angle Security Camera, 180 Degree, HD 1080p, AHD CCTV, Infrared
  • Covers a 180 degree security wide angle with a 2.5 mm fish eyed lens
  • Records through connection to DVR surveillance systems using hard wires
  • Weather proof for indoor and outdoor use

Safes & Cash Boxes

We work with Buddy Products and SentrySafe to provide some of the best safes and cash boxes on the market today. Our cash boxes used by many types of businesses to keep their valuables and money safe and securely locked. Many of our customers also use these products to keep their valuables safe at home.

Security Cameras

Whether you looking for security cameras to watch a residential area or for a business or big institution, we have options available for you. With material that is IP graded to survive a big storm, our cameras are great for both indoor and outdoor use. Our models have even been used by military institutions to keep their bases monitored and recorded by cameras. We are happy to be working with CCTV Camera Pros for all of our security cameras and DVR's.

Key Cabinets

Organize and limit access to multiple key sets with our wide selection of key cabinets. Ideal for hotels, car dealerships, and restaurants that offer valet, iTestCash offers both single key access cabinets and electronic cabinets with keypad entry.

Quality Guarantee

When you purchase a security product from iTestCash, enjoy the convenience of shopping only top of the line brands, custom selected by our experts for their high tech features and reliability. All our products are backed by a 30 day working guarantee along with each products warranty which usually backs our products up for years. For specific warranty information please look in the product descriptions.