Security Threats to Look Out for Restaurants


Every business faces security threats, but restaurants may be among the most vulnerable. Restaurants are subject to heavy foot traffic as customers patronize the business all day, every day. As a result, the security threats for restaurants are many, but they’re something business owners can overcome by taking the proper precautions.

Cash Transactions

We live in a world where credit cards are quickly becoming the norm, but cash will never lose its place as a legal tender currency. Many restaurant customers pay for their meals in cash. As a result, cash tends to pile up over the course of a single day, let alone a full week or month. Money counters present a simple, cost-effective, time-saving solution to getting an accurate count.

Due to the popularity of cash transactions, restaurants are the perfect target for fraudsters. Money counters include basic counterfeit-detection technology, but dedicated counterfeit money detectors can help reduce risk even further. With products ranging from counterfeit detector pens to machine processors, restaurants have plenty of options to cut down on counterfeit cash.

Dishonest Employees

Dishonest employees are a threat to every business, but restaurants may be more susceptible to theft. Large amounts of cash can be enticing to an employee with sticky fingers. Background checks and implementing the proper policies can help reduce theft. Locking cash and other valuables in a safe and installing security cameras are two additional ways to keep employees honest.

Even if employees aren’t stealing from the restaurant, they could still become a security threat. Employees are bound to discuss their job with friends and family, and that can lead to a revelation of private information. That information can include security practices, theft deterrents, and ways into the restaurant. In these cases, employees aren’t technically responsible.

Deterring employees from revealing private business information is something employers should stress at all levels. Express that slip-ups may seem like no big deal, but they could make the restaurant a target. Restaurant owners can help prevent this type of security threat by providing examples of information that shouldn’t be shared in casual conversation.


No one likes being stared at through the window while eating in a restaurant. As it turns out, obscuring the windows and other methods of seeing inside the building are more than a customer preference. Making it hard to see inside without entering the building is also a way to deter potential thieves.

Restaurants see heavy foot traffic, especially in the evenings, and those crowds can make it difficult to keep track of everything and everyone. Employees should be vigilant and report suspicious diners, especially if they show up several days in a row. After all, smart thieves will track daily procedures and learn the floor plan before striking.

Many of the methods used to deter dishonest employees can be used to deter thieves as well. Installing high-definition security cameras and locking cash in a safe every hour or so can make your business too difficult for a thief to target.

There are dozens of threats and security concerns that owners face, such as kitchen safety and food quality. The last thing any business owner needs is to become the victim of a crime due to a simple oversight. Negating as many potential security threats as possible can make owning and operating a restaurant much less stressful.

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