Dri Mark Tri-Test Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detector

by Dri Mark
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  • Works with 3 "C" batteries and while plugged in (with an optional adapter) for retail/office, home and travel use
  • Checks both money and official documents including cash, checks, credit cards and ID's
  • Verifies UV security threads in US bills which includes any cash from 2006 and onward from $1-$100 bills
  • Free money detector pen is included
  • LED light lasts for years
  • Tri-Test dimensions are 8 x 4 x 3 inches
  • Lightweight for easy portability- 9.6 ounces

    Product Description

    Portable Money and ID Verification

    The Tri-Test Counterfeit Money Detector is an easy to use and portable detector. It has a built in UV Light that can reveal security threads on various identification cards and documents - including Currency, Credit Cards, International Currencies, Traveler's Passports, Checks and Drivers Licenses.

    Verifies US Bills Security Threads

    For bills it can detect US dollars ranging from $5 to $100 bills after 2006 that have security threads in them.  When you put a bill into the TriTest's UV light, it will reveal the bills security thread.

    Works with AC Adapter or Batteries

    The Tri-Test runs on an optional ac adapter or batteries (3 C batteries not included) for efficient portable use.

    Counterfeit Pen is included

    A counterfeit detector pen is also included for additional counterfeit detection.

    How to Verify Security Threads

    For a detailed chart on how to identify the bills security strips you can check out this PDF guide provided to us by Dri Mark. When identifying bills the security strips are blue in $5 bills, yellow in $10, green in $20, Gold in $50 and pink in $100 bills.