Cassida Advantec 75 Heavy Duty Currency Counter

by Cassida
Save $169.00 (28%)


  • Counts at fast speeds of up to 1,500 bills per minute
  • Money counts are tracked with Valucount. By adjusting Valucount you can input whichever denomination of bills you are putting into the machine so it can give you a full and accurate count of your bills. You can also add different denominations of bills to your count when you are finished counting a stack of bills.
  • Easy to read and use. This money counter is easy to use and its liquid crystal screen is large and easy to read, making it easy to keep track of and read your money counts
  • Customizable options allow you to adjust counting speeds for smoother counts and the screen brightness can be easily adjusted 
  • Environmental and Energy Friendly. The Advantec 75 goes into an energy saving mode when the machine is left idle. When you load bills back into the machine, its One-Eye-Open feature turns it on and it goes right back to counting money.
  • Counterfeit money detection models are available allowing you to check for counterfeit bills as it counts money. Saving you from money losses due to human counting errors and from counterfeit bills. Ultraviolet and Ultraviolet+Magnetic counterfeit detection options are available for the Advantec 75

Product Description

The Advantec 75 HD is a reliable and easy to use currency counting machine. It is used by all types of businesses and institutions that count bills regularly. With a counting speed of 1,500 bills per minute, you don't need to waste time counting by hand and the machines accuracy helps its users prevent money losses due to human counting errors.

This machine comes equipped a unique feature that allows you to adjust it with 4 different counting speeds including 800, 1,000, 1,200 and 1,500 bills per minute so you can customize the machines counting speed for smoother counts.

The Advantec 75 is made with the user experience in mind so you don't have to waste time with a user manual. Everything is easy to use with this machine.

With a single button you can adjust its counting speeds and in case the machine has any counting errors, the on screen display will let you know what the error is and walk you through resolving it.

UV and UV+MG counterfeit detection models of the Advantec 75 are also available so you can check for counterfeit bills along with your money counting, providing a two in one machine for anyone that needs both options.