AccuBANKER LED430 Counterfeit Bill & Card Detector, 110V

by AccuBanker
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Product Description

Accubanker LED430

  • Recommended for large retailers, banks, bars, clubs, gas stations, restaurants, movie theaters and more
  • Long-lasting UV and bright white LED lights (10,000 hours)
  • Verify security marks on cash, credit cards, ID's and more official documents from all countries
  • Protects against counterfit bills with uv, magentic, watermark, size and micro printing detection
  • Automatic ON/OFF sensors activate detector for easy use
  • Features a ruler to easily check the dimensions of bills
  • Low/efficient power consumption (Powered by AC adapter)
  • Backed by 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

    Advanced Counterfeit Detection

    The LED430 is a compact, portable counterfeit detector machine that helps protect your business from receiving l fake bills. It checks for counterfeit cash with UV light, watermark, magnetic, bill size and micro printing detection technology.

    Verify ID Cards and Official Documents

    The LED430 is also built to verify security features on credit cards, driver’s licenses and passports. This allows you to ensure that your customers are using real ID cards and passports at your business for identity and age verification purposes. The LED 430 can also check for watermarks on official documents from all countries.

    Long-Lasting, Low Consumption Bulbs

    You won’t have to worry about stocking up on light bulbs with the LED430. The bulbs inside are built to last and use very little power, making them cheap and efficient to run. Don’t be fooled though, tThese bulbs are built with technology that produces bright light, ensuring that fake money and documents will be detected immediately.

    Designed for big businesses

    The LED430 is great for big businesses including banks, bars, night clubs, resturants, movie theatres, gas stations and retail stores.

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