Accubanker D500 Counterfeit Detector

by AccuBanker
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  • Reduces Losses from Counterfeit Money
  • Immediate Banknote Verification
  • Accepts any US dollar denomination
  • Multi Counterfeit Detection Technology (Illustrations/Infared/Magnetic)
  • Automatic Loading
  • Automatic Adding Function
  • Easy to use Software
  • Upgradeable Three year manufacturers warranty included

Product Description

Compact, fast and reliable

The Accubanker D500 immediately verifies the authenticity of US currency and its denomination. Extremely user friendly and accurate. An audible and visual warning alerts you when a suspicious bill is detected. It is also compatible with and detects the authenticity of new one hundred dollar bills.

Used in many industries

Recommended for places like banks, movie theaters, retailers, chain stores, supermarkets, and anywhere else that deals with medium to high amounts of cash regularly. This counterfeit detector helps to detect the authenticity of US currency on the spot. 

Multi Featured Counterfeit Detection

The D500 uses multiple features to check currencies authenticity. The technology it uses to check bills include- infrared, magnetic and illustrations. To use it simply insert a bill into the machine and it will notify you if your bill appears to be counterfeit.

The D500 also displays the value of bills used with it, to give extra security against fake bills. This feature allows users to both authenticate the bill and check that the value it shows is the same as on the bill.

Customer Reviews

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alex alex
Easy to use

We ordered the D500 for our retail shop and it works well and is easy to use. No special training needed. Arrived fast as well!

Works great for my business

It works fast and easy. It says right away whether a bill is counterfeit or not and we've seen a lot of fake bills in a short amount of time. I would recommend this model for anyone looking for a counterfeit detector.