Cassida InstaCheck Counterfeit Detector

by Cassida
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  • Easy to Use
  • Instant Counterfeit Money Detection
  • Works with all US Dollar Denominations
  • Used by Retailers, Banks, Small Businesses, Restaurants and more
  • Uses Infrared and Magnetic Sensors for Accurate Detection
  • Works with included AC adapter
  • 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty is included

Product Description

The Instacheck is a great choice for businesses that offer services and products that use cash on a regular basis. In just seconds you can verify currencies authenticity and prevent any monetary losses from counterfeit money. 

Easy to Use

The InstaCheck is an easy to use counterfeit money detector. A green light lets you know that the currency is legitimate and a red light and an audible sound from the machine lets you know if the money looks suspicious.

Instant Counterfeit Detection

After putting money through the device the InstaCheck lets you know immediately if the money you've been given is legitimate or suspect currency. This can give you peace of mind to be sure the money you are receiving is legitimate.

Used in Various Environments

This detector is developed to by used businesses that work with cash regularly and need instant currency verification including retailers, restaurants, casinos and banks.

Uses Infrared and Magnetic Technology

The Instacheck works by utilizing the latest technology in money detection with Infrared and Magnetic sensors for advanced counterfeit detection and works with all U.S. dollar bills denominations.

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