Cassida Quattro 4-Way Automatic Counterfeit Detector

by Cassida


  • Accepts bills inserted in any way whether up, down, facing front or back
  • Uses Infrared and Magnetic detection technology
  • Uses an easy to read Pass/Fail screen to tell if bill is counterfeit or genuine
  • Verification Speed less than .5 seconds per bill
  • Display type - High resolution LCD
  • Easy to snap open and clean the Quattro
  • Works when plugged in and charges automatically for portable use
  • Battery can last for hours of use when fully charged
  • Counts automatically and shows count on screen for transactions
  • Grand total and denomination specific report
  • Backed by Cassida's Counterfeit Shield Guarantee

Product Description

Powerful Counterfeit Detection Technology

The Quattro uses the best counterfeit detection features available including Infrared security marks, Magnetic ink detection, color spectrum analysis and optical density detection.

It is built to last for years and can be used by many businesses ranging from retailers, restaurants, financial institutions, gas stations to clubs and casinos.  The Quattro is also easily upgradeable - when a new bill is added to US currency, the Quattro can be upgraded without having to buy a new unit.

Intuitive 4-Way Orientation Use

You can save time for both customers and employees with the Quattro's 4-way feature.  Unlike a standard counterfeit detector that allows bills to be inserted in just a particular way, The Quattro will accept bills put into the detector whether the bills are facing up or down.

There is no training required with the Quattro as it tells you on the screen with it's Pass/Fail indicators and on-screen denomination if a bill is counterfeit or authentic.

Works with a Standard Outlet and Charges Automatically for Portable Use

Another unique feature for this detector is that it automatically charges when it is plugged into an outlet. This can help for people and businesses going to trade shows or events where you may need to leave the detector unplugged for periods of time.

This also is an efficient feature for any businesses that have multiple counters working at the same. If you have a limited amount of money detectors on hand and another register needs to check a bill, all you have to do is unplug the Quattro, pass it over to the cashier and he or she can use it to detect the customers bills without having to plug the detector back in.

Counts Automatically During Transactions

While you use to detect bills it also shows the denomination of the bill you put into the Quattro. This gives you a double protection against counterfeit cash because it tells you if it is authentic while also showing the denomination of the bill. This helps safeguard against bills that may be counterfeited by turning a smaller bills into larger bills.

The on-screen report also shows the total value and amount of bills taken in a single transaction and breaks it down by the bills denominations.

Confidence in Every Transaction

The Quattro is backed by Cassida's Counterfeit Shield Guarantee that reimburses the full face value of a counterfeit bill within 72 hours, if your Quattro detector ever accepts a counterfeited bill as genuine. Cassida is so confident in this detector because of the industry leading technology that it is built with.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Paramjit Singh

Very nice. I love it.

Dennis Care

Cassida Quattro 4-Way Automatic Counterfeit Detector

5 star

Cassida Quattro 4-Way Automatic Counterfeit Detector

Ron D.

So far, love it.

Kristine P.
Works effeciently

We received the machine fast and it's been working well so far. It also simply says on the screen if a bill passes or fails so it's easy to use with new employees too.