Cassida Tiger, UV/MG Currency Counter

by Cassida
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  • Counting speed: 1300 bills/min Hopper capacity
  • 250 new bills Stacker capacity
  • 250 new bills Error detection
  • Double, half, chain and size note detection
  • Auto-start
  • Selectable Operating modes include- count, add, batch and add+batch
  • Error alert: Audible and visual alert system
  • Easy maintenance
  • Hinged front cover

Product Description

Fast and Reliable Money Counting

The Cassida Tiger series rival many commercial grade currency counters in performance and durability. From the first note to the last, the Tigers deliver fast, accurate and reliable currency counting.

Durable and Robust

The Cassida Tiger features a one-piece chassis, making it considerably more durable than other machines in its class. It's steel roller shafts provide extra robustness to the mechanism.

Easy to Clean

Thanks to a hinged top cover, cleaning and maintenance can be accomplished in a matter of seconds.

Emergency Stop Feature

The Tiger includes an emergency stop feature which allows you to halt the operation of the machine at any time with a push of a single button in case of any errors while putting money into the machine.

Keeps Track of Counts

The Tiger allows you to view your previous count alongside your current one in case you lost track.

Customer Reviews

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alex alex
Solid machine

This machine counts fast and is pretty light so it is easy to take with us whenever we go on business trips. As someone working in a company takes in a lot of cash, the Tiger is good for us.