1080p HD CCTV Smart Camera, AHD Security Camera

by CCTV Camera Pros


  • Can be used both for outdoor and indoor surveillance
  • High definition cameras with video resolutions
  • All-weather camera that can tolerate harsh climates due to its housing of IP68 rating
  • CCTV cameras that can be installed on the ceiling or wall and still allow for 360 degree rotation in all directions
  • Can be used domestically and commercially
  • Cameras with whole angle views and sharp zooming capabilities due to their smart lens
  • Smart cameras that can keep memory of up to a long period to enable for referrals in investigation cases.
  • CCTV cameras can be easily connected or installed on computers
  • Durable cameras
  • You can add new and old cameras to it
  • You can use the USB drive to to get video directory from the DVR
  • Backed by a 1 year working warranty

Product Description

The CCTV Camera Pro, AHD-BL5H is an HD Camera which capture video in 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 / 2 megapixel). This High Definition CCTV camera (AHD security camera) has built-in infrared which sees as far as 100 feet within total darkness. The camera is enclosed in IP68 rated weatherproof housing so it can be used for outdoor and indoors surveillance, and can withstand harsh weather. The camera connects to DVR's using an RG59 coaxial cable and it can be used with AHD compatible DVR's.

This camera is great for residential, commercial and government surveillance uses. It has been used by numerous business and institutions including retail businesses, resturants, gas stations, banks and government institutions. This camera has been purchased along with the DVR Pro recorders for military base installations.

Lighting conditions

AHD-BL5H performs in both zero light and low light conditions. This is enabled by its infrared LEDs which are in-built. Smart IR technology allows the camera to adjust infrared lights automatically based on the distance objects are located from the smart camera.

Custom-tailored camera settings

AHD-BL5H has an easily accessible menu both for users and initial installers. The menu is displayed on a screen. It has a joystick, which makes it easier for adjustment of its image settings. It boasts of its Smart Noise Reduction (S.N.R) which eliminates graininess. This is applicable more in the mode of black and white capturing where it naturally enhances quality of the image.

The camera has a focus and lens adjustment that is vari-focal. To control it's digital features, the camera is mounted with two knobs situated on its housing’s back.


The camera has a dual voltage technique and works with regular 24VAC and 12V DC power supplies.

1080p Surveillance Video Demo

The above footage were captured by connecting an AHD-BL5H camera to an iDVR-PRO16M surveillance DVR using an RG59 coaxial cable. To watch the best quality video, please select 1080p video resolution in the lower right of the YouTube video player and watch it in full screen.

1080p HD Surveillance Photos

cctv camera photo

The above image was captured using the AHD-BL5W CCTV Camera Pros test studio. All of the lights are on in the room so that the camera is operating in daytime / color mode.

This image was also captured using the AHD-Bl5H in the same room, however, this was recorded with all of the lights turned off in the room. The camera's infrared LEDs clearly illuminate this entire room.

Remote Viewing with Mobile Apps

iPhone App View

When the camera is connected to an AHD CCTV DVR, users can login remotely through the Internet to view the camera live. To capture these mobile app screenshots, one of the camera's was connected to a PRO DVR. Check out the below images to see this camera being viewed using the iDVR-PRO Viewer app for iPhone.

cctv camera app

Above is a view in normal lighting conditions.

night mode view

This image shows the remote iPhone view with all of the lights off and the camera's infrared night vision mode engaged.

Android Mobile App Viewing

These images were captured with the iDVR-PRO Viewer mobile app for Android. The camera was still connected to the DVR PRO  the DVR was being accessed through WIFI using CCTV Camera Pros demo network. This works the same accessing the camera remotely over the Internet.

android app remote camera view

Here is the Infrared view from the android app.

android hd camera app night view

AHD-BL5H Camera Specifications

  • Resolution: 2 megapixel (1920x1080),1080p High Definition Video Resolution
  • Image Sensor: 1/2.9"Sony Digital Progressive Scan, CMOS
  • Light-conditioning: 35IR LEDs in-built for Zero & Low Light Smart Video Surveillance
  • Compatible AHD (Analog High Definition)DVRs
  • .01 LUX when IRs is not on / 0 LUX when IRs is on
  • Magnification: Focus Lens which is variable at 2.8mm to 12mm
  • All weather protection: Weatherproof Enclosure, IP68 Rated
  • Ease of installation: Tri-axis mount meant for both wall and ceiling installations
  • Voltage: 24VAC or 12VDC power source-enabled dual voltage.
  • Up to 30 times Sense-Up Smart Digital Intensifier Technology
  • Range: Digitally Widening Dynamic Range technology (DWDR tech.)
  • Color balance: Has OSD which allows it to control, white balance, light sensitivity, exposure, sharpness; smart noise reduction, color control.

Included with this camera is a 12 Volt DC 1 Amp Output Power Supply so you can plug the camera right into a wall.

A PT-4 DC Power Lead, Male, Connector for CCTV Camera Power is also included with the camera.

PT-4 power leads are typically used to connect the 18 gauge pair of power cable to RG-59 Siamese cable to a security cameras DC power plug input. PT-4 power leads can also be used with pro box style security cameras that do not typically have a DC power plug attached to them. Box security cameras typically have screw terminals for a positive and negative wire connection. If you are using plug and play cables, you can attach a PT-4 to the cameras power terminals for a clean connection to your plug and play cables. You can see an example wiring diagram here. PT-4s provide 1 foot of cable and a male connector for CCTV Camera power. The diameter of the connector is 2.1mm which is the standard size used for plug and play cables.

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