IDVR-PRO CCTV/HD Security Camera DVR

by CCTV Camera Pros


  • PRO-4A Model- 4 Camera Video Inputs, PRO-8A Model- 8 Camera Video Inputs, PRO-16A Model- 16 Camera Video Inputs
  • 4 Channel Audio Microphone Inputs
  • USB Flash backup, network FTP Backup
  • 64x Forward and reverse playback
  • 500 GB Hard drive installed
  • USB Mouse included
  • PRO-4A Model- 1 Internal Hard Drives Bay (STA): UP TO 6TB Drives Supported, PRO-8A- 2 Internal Hard Drives Bay: UP TO 8 TB Drives Supported, PRO-16A Model- 2 Internal Hard Drives Bay (Up to 6TB Drives Supported)
  • Embedded Linux OS
  • Email motion and Alarm Notification
  • Remote PTZ control support
  • 5 levels of recording quality
  • PRO-4A and PRO-8A Models- 0 Alarm inputs/0 Alarm Outputs, PRO-16A Model- 8 Alarm Inputs / 1 Alarm Relay Output
  • Video Outputs: HDMI,VGA
  • HDMI video output with HD resolution (1080)
  • VGA video output with HD resolution (1080p)
  • Remote Live View and recorded Video playback (Mac and windows software)
  • Remote Live camera view and recorded video search /playback (free iPhone, iPad and Android apps )
  • Compatible with Google Chrome, safari, firefox and internet explorer web browsers
  • Alarm and Email notification
  • RS-422/485 for PTZ speed Dome Controls
  • H.264 CODEC Video impression
  • Compatible with 16:9 aspect ratio widescreen monitors
  • Gigabit Ethernet w/LAN, DDNS Support, Dynamic IP, DHCP network capability
  • PTZ speed Dome controls- Rs-422/485
  • Pentalex Function
  • Watermarked Video and audio
  • 60 FPS recording (1080p resolution)
  • 120 FPS recording -960H resolution
  • 120 FPS recording -720presolution
  • You can add new and old cameras to it
  • You can use the USB drive can to get video directory from the DVR
  • Backed by 2 year manufacturers warranty

Product Description

Supports standard resolution analog CCTV cameras

This CCTV Camera Pros DVR is a hybrid analog CCTV/HD security camera DVR with 4 channels and supports AHD CCTV cameras- 720p AHD and 1080 AHD cameras. It also supports 704x480 resolution and is a wider format than the old D1 resolution security cameras. It is also referred to as the D1.


The DVR comes with a 2 year warranty and the option of getting USA technical support for a lifetime. The two will be made available by the CCTV Camera Pros.

Able to record in 4-16 channels depending on model

The camera can record real time on all the 4-16 channels at 30 frames per second. For a resolution of 1080p it takes 15FPS and 720P takes 120 FPS. 1080p and 720p can be mixed on all the channels of the camera. The DVR is a Linux embedded /stand alone device.

Great software applications

By using the software applications one can easily watch and supervise through devices such as ipads, iphones, Macintosh devices and windows. There is also the option of using the remote control which is wireless or a mouse which comes with the DVR.

Easy to useThe IDVR-PROA is easy to use and therefore it can be used in the home, business and government.

Compatible with Mac CCTV

You can remotely view the cameras from a Mac laptop or desktop using the IDVR PRO. From the Mac the user can either use DVR viewer software or use the web browser. DVR configuration, viewing the event logs and PTZ Camera controls can also be accessed on the web browser. There is also the option of video playback using the MAC DVR viewer software. The user can only view one camera at a time. Via the chrome browser on the Mac the user can select the camera they would like to view using the drop down box included on the web page.

Compatible with iphone and ipad

IDVR-PRO viewer app can comfortably work with iPhone and iPad as the camera is compatible with IOS. By using the app ,the user can play back the surveillance videos which are recorded on the hard drive of the DVR. The user can also monitor the cameras through their device.

Compatible with Android

Through the device, the user can remotely view the camera via the internet in real-time and also playback the videos that have been recorded on the hard drive of the camera. Camera 1, 4, 9 and 16 can be monitored on the device.

iPhone/iPad Compatible

DVR-PRO surveillance DVRs are compatible with iOS. The native iDVR-PRO viewer app for iOS works with iPhone and iPad. Users can view CCTV cameras live from their iOS device. The app also supports search and playback of video surveillance footage recorded to the DVR's hard drive.

iPhone DVR Surveillance App

The following video demonstrates the capabilities of the iPhone DVR remote viewing app. The iOS app lets its users view all the security cameras that are connected to the DVR PRO through the internet. Also note that the quality is even higher than how YouTube renders the video. For best quality it is recommended to enlarge the video by clicking the bottom right section of the video and change it to show in 1080p quality.

iPhone CCTV App View

The user in the screenshot is viewing recorded footage from 4 cameras that are connected to the DVR and being viewed through the iPhone app.

MAC Compatible CCTV

The iDVR PRO is compatible with MAC laptops and desktops. This is one of the few CCTV DVRs available that allow users to view your surveillance cameras remotely over the Internet from a Macintosh desktop or laptop. Mac users have two options for accessing their DVR remotely: web browser access and the DVR viewer software. The iDVR PRO also support remote video playback using the MAC DVR viewer software that is included. The below screen shows the iDVR-PRO at CCTV Camera Pros West Palm Beach office being accessed from a MAC using the Chrome web browser (Safari and Firefox also supported).

The above image shows a iDVR PRO being accessed on a Mac via the Chrome web browser. The web browser access supports single camera viewing only. Users can select which camera they want displayed via a drop down box on the web page. The web browser view also supports accessing the DVR's configuration, PTZ camera controls, and viewing the event log.

MAC DVR Viewer Software

The Mac DVR viewer software that is included with iDVR-PRO recorders lets users monitor multiple DVR locations and view up to 36 cameras per screen. The Mac software also supports remote playback of surveillance video that has been recorded on the DVR hard drive.

Mac Software - HD Security Camera View Video Demo 

This video shows live HD security camera viewing using the Mac software for iDVR-PRO.

For the highest video resolution click the bottom right on the video and choose 1080p resolution on YouTube.

Android CCTV Camera Viewer App

The Android viewer app for iDVR-PRO lets users view their security cameras on any Android mobile device remotely over the Internet. The Android app can display 1, 4, 9, and 16 cameras on the screen. In addition to the live camera streaming, the app also has a search and playback feature which lets Android users watch surveillance video that is recorded on the DVR hard drive.

Android CCTV DVR Viewer App

The following youTube video demonstrates the remote Android remote viewing capability of the iDVR-PRO. The Android app for iDVR-PRO lets users view all security cameras connected to the iDVR PRO from remotely over the Internet. Users can also search and playback video that has been recorded to the DVR's hard drive.

Sample Android Image

The above image shows the Android DVR viewer app accessing the iDVR-PRO at CCTV Camera Pros office in live camera mode (4 cameras on one screen).

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