Cassida C300- Professional USD Coin Sorter and Wrapper

by Cassida
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Product Description

  • Designed and developed in San Diego, California
  • Easy to use coin counter that can count, sort, add, batche and wrap US coins including dollars, quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies
  • Oprating Modes include- Count- counts the number of coins, Batch- Wrap or sort coins in custom batches, Add- Keep a running total of coins counted, Report- Show total coins and coin values counted, Print- Print the full breakdown of all the coins counted
  • Fast and Accurate - Hopper holds up to 2000 coins at a time,  and precisely counts and sorts Coins at speeds of 300 coins per minute
  • LCD Display- Large LCD screen on the counter displays the total number of coins cointed, along with the value and denominations for easy use and peace of mind
  • Optional Printer- The Cassida Thermal Printer can be used with the C300 to print detailed count reciepts for easy bank deposits and record keeping
  • Backed by 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty and Lifetime Technical Support
  • Includes- 1 x Cassida C300 Coin Counter/Sorter 1 x User Manual 1 x Power Cord 1 x Microfiber Cloth 1 x Cleaning Brush 5 x Coin QuickLoad™ Coin Tubes 5 x Coin Bins



Industry Use-

Small to Medium Businesses: For enterprises of a smaller to medium size dealing with a substantial coin volume, employing the C300 can significantly slash counting times. If you prefer to organize coins in specific batches, utilize coin tubes for simultaneous rolling (coin tube available separately)!

Laundromats: The C300 proves invaluable in reducing time and labor needed for counting and sorting coins, leading to cost savings for Laundromats. Moreover, employing coin counting machines can act as a deterrent against theft and coin loss, representing a notable expense for Laundromats.

Casinos: The C300 excels at rapidly and accurately counting large coin volumes, streamlining the manual counting and sorting process. This efficiency allows casinos to process customer payouts with increased speed and effectiveness.

Convenience Stores: The C300 Electronic Coin Counting machine boasts unparalleled accuracy, ensuring precise coin counting. This capability aids stores in averting errors and mitigating the risk of discrepancies in their cash handling procedures.

Cassida C300 – your ultimate solution for commercial-grade coin counting. With 25+ years of industry expertise, this next-gen technology streamlines the coin counting process with unparalleled efficiency.

Featuring Quick Load™ coin tube technology, printing connectivity, magnetic bins, and a One-Touch batch setting mode, the C300 is designed for ease of use. Recognizing and sorting individual denominations into bins or tubes for wrapping/rolling, this machine boasts a 2000-coin capacity hopper for swift and accurate counting at 300 coins per minute.

Large LCD screen displays the count, total dollar value, and denomination amounts, providing peace of mind. Complete your count with the Cassida Thermal Printer (sold separately) for detailed receipts, perfect for seamless bank deposits and record-keeping. Compact, quiet, and efficient – the Cassida C300 is the ideal addition to any desk operation. Don't wait, upgrade your coin counting efficiency today!

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