Cassida Omni-ID, Counterfeit Detector & ID Verifier

by Cassida
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  • Easy to use
  • Uses Magnetic, Infrared and Color Spectrum Analysis to check for counterfeit money
  • Verification speed- less than 0.5 seconds per bill or ID
  • Works with United States dollars
  • UV LEDs are used to Verify ID Cards and Checks
  • Cards & ID's it checks- Driver’s licenses, passports, credit cards, social security cards, and others
  • Power Supply- Included AC Adapter
  • Unit Weight- <.85 lbs.
  • Dimensions- 5.1”W x 4.2”D x 4.5”H 
  • Power Consumption- <10 watts
  • Decal is included that can be displayed in windows that says "Counterfeit Detection Equipment on Premises" to deter counterfeiters

Product Description

Currency and ID Verification in a Single Machine

The Cassida Omni-ID works to both check for counterfeit bills, Identification Cards and Checks to insure that they are authentic. The Omni-ID uses advanced ultraviolet LED illumination to authenticate US currency and ID's.

Easy Pass/Fail Counterfeit Money Detection

To check US currency simply feed bills into the machine and a green PASS or red FAIL will automatically light up, showing whether the money is authentic or suspect to be counterfeit. This is one of the easiest methods for counterfeit detection.

  • The results show in less than half a second after inserting a bill into the Omni-ID.
  • The light also illuminates powerfully enough so it can be seen even in the brightest retail settings.

Powerful UV Illumination for Identity Verification

The Omni uses Ultraviolet LED technology to highlight security features that can only be viewed under specific UV light spectrums. To use it just place an ID card into the lower slow of the Omni-ID and the strong, long lasting LEDS automatically illuminate Ultraviolet security marks.

  • Ultraviolet LEDS last for a long time, giving its users years of protection and eliminating the need to replace UV bulbs that are common in conventional UV detectors.
  • The Omni-ID's LED bulbs were scientifically selected to vibrantly illuminate security markings so they can be seen under bright retail lights.
  • Looking for specifics on how to identify the UV security marking on your state or another state's ID and driver's licenses? Check at Cassida's Guide for United States and Canadian Id's

Protect Yourself From Fraud

The Omni-ID is one of the strongest defenses against fraud for businesses that work with ID cards and currency. With the Omni-ID you can make sure you never accept a counterfeit bill, fake ID or forged payment card.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tom Jones
Nice features

Our order arrived fast and it's ID and money detection features are pretty solid. It's been helping us check passports in our shop too for authenticating documents.

James C.
A great combo for our business

As a retail business, the combination of ID verification and money identification is a great combo for us. I am happy with this product so far!