Cassida Till Tally Money Counting Scale (For Bills and Coins)

by Cassida
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  • Count drawers filled with cash in just minutes. Eliminate the risk of human money counting errors and save time & money from long register closings and employee overtime
  • Take drops of 15 bills at a time and up to 200 bills per denomination with the Till Tally Standard model
  • Incredibly Accurate and detailed Counting. The scale is built with technology that counts every bill and coin quick and accurately. This allows you to read and print out detailed accounting reports which includes being able to read denomination by denomination accounts even while counting
  • Easy to use. With the click of a button you can move up or down to choose the denomination you are counting- whether it is for the type of coin or bills you want it to count in a single drop
  • Use with DC plug in power or with batteries giving your the capability to use the Till Tally business locations or on the go
  • Print out your counts. Simply connect the counting scale to a printer to print detailed counts

Product Description

Save time and money for counting a drawer full of cash with the Till Tally money counting scale. The Till Tally makes counting coins and bills easier than it has ever been before.

With this scale you can count rolled coins, loose coins and bills in minutes, saving the time it would take to count your cash drawer by hand.