Cassida Till Tally (Elite Model) Money Counting Scale

by Cassida
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  • Makes register counts fast. Allowing you to eliminate long register closures, employee overtime and counting inaccuracies
  • Takes drops of 25 bills at a time and up to 400 bills per denomination with this Till Tally Elite model
  • Fast and accurate counting. Count loose coins, rolled coins and bills with precise and quick counting
  • Detailed reporting. Access detailed denominations counted during and after money counting sessions
  • Print out your counts. Simply connect the Till Tally to a printer and you can print out detailed accountings of your money counts 
  • Works with batteries and a plug in power adapter allowing the Till Tally Elite to be used on location and on the go
  • Great for on the spot audits. Whether you need to count your money in middle of the day or at the end of a shift, the Till Tally makes this fast and easy
  • Exclusive FLOAT function lets you set streamline set ups of drawers for future shifts to make counting even faster

Product Description

With the Till Tally Elite you can count cash filled drawers in minutes to save time and money from money counting losses, employee overtime and long register closures that can occur due to money counting by hand.

The Till Tally is easy to use. Simply press a button to match the denomination of coins or bills you are counting at a time and load it up on the scale for instant counts. You can repeat this process for all the denominations of bills and coins that you are counting in a single count.