Dri Mark Dual Test Counterfeit Detection Pen with UV LED Light

Dri Mark

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Please note- Dual Test orders will ship out after May 28

Dri Mark's Counterfeit Pen with UV LED Light can be used 1,000's of times to check bills.

The Dual Test detector offers two tests in one device to guard against counterfeit bills. One end has a counterfeit detector pen, and the other end has an extra low spectrum, ultraviolet LED light.

You can mark U.S. paper currency with the pen, and the color of the mark will indicate if the bill is suspect. Use the powerful ultraviolet light to check for the UV sensitive thread's found in notes printed in 1996 and later. The UV light can also be used to check authenticity of credit cards, personal and traveler's checks, foreign money and more.

The Dual Test's LED light runs on 3 LR44 button cell batteries that can easily be replaced whenever new batteries are needed.

The Dual Test Detector Pen combo is an easy to use product to add security to your business!


  • Two in one counterfeit pen with Ultraviolet light
  • UV light can check for UV security strips on currency, ID's, checks, credit cards and more
  • The counterfeit pen verifies the authenticity of the paper that the bills are printed on
  • Light mark passes the test and a dark mark from the pen is suspect of being a fake bill
  • Comes with 2 extra counterfeit detector pens for free
  • Batteries can be easily replaced when needed for the UV light