Counterfeit Money During The Holiday Season

Police in Walkerville, Windsor found $10,000 worth of fake currency stashed in a shopping bag in an alleyway. The bills in the bag manly consisted of $ 50 bills and $ 100 bills. The interesting thing about the money is that the counterfeiters did not bother to put much effort in making the bills look genuine. The notes were barely passable, as they had yellow like markings on them and they looked cartoon like.

Given the fact that it is the holiday season, it would not have been surprising if the counterfeiters had been able to inject the cash into the local community if the police had not found the stash. This is due to the fact that most shopping centers have lots of customers to deal with everyday. This means that most cashiers are not very keen when accepting money and they do not take too much time to scrutinize money received from its clients. This makes it quite easy for counterfeiters to pass off fake bank notes when making purchases.

In fact, this incident was not the only one to be reported this month. Several people have reported cases where people tried to pass on to them fake currencies. In most cases, the currencies used looked a lot more genuine than the ones found in this particular stash.

Another recent report also noted how customers who receive fake bills aren't going to be reimbursed so it is important for both consumers and business owners to aware of the counterfeit money problem.

Police are urging everyone, including shoppers and retailers to be more careful when handling money during the festive season. This is because a lot of fake cash will be in circulation as counterfeiters will take advantage of the pressure that comes with making high volume sales during the holiday season to defraud unsuspecting people.

The police have asked anyone with information concerning the counterfeiters to report to the nearest police station. Even though the fake money is in US currency, the police are still not sure of who the main people behind the fraud are.

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