Fake Money Circulating in Chadron Nebraska

Counterfeit Money In Chadron Nebraska

The Chadron police are telling people to be on the lookout for counterfeit money around the town of Chadron in Nebraska. They report there are fake $20 dollar bills circulating around the area.  Police there say the bills should be easy to spot as they are printed on low quality paper, the images can look dull, serial numbers can be the same and the security thread is missing, along with color shifting ink and water mark. The bills have the look of having been checked with a counterfeit detector pen on the front right side.

Sergeant Mike Loutzenhiser said that merchants should check the money with their own counterfeit detector pens and compare the bills to other bills they have on them such as in the cash register to see how they look.

At iTestCash we generally recommend counterfeit detecting pens for an easy on the go way to check the authenticity of money as well as counterfeit detecting machines for places that deal with larger amounts of money.

Counterfeit detecting machines such as the Accubanker D500's can verify currency on the spot by using features such as checking Illustrations, Infared and Magnetic features on US currency.

Police say that anyone who receives a fake bill can call Dawes County Crime Stoppers at 308-432-0519.

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