Fake Money Used at Lemonade Stand

Lemonade Stand

This report was posted on iTestCash a few years ago and it still holds its relevance today showing how even innocent people just trying to sell some lemonade can come across fake money.  This story was originally reported by King 5 News in Seattle Washington. Here is part of the article which King 5 reported online a few years ago:

"Ten-year-old Brett McCartt says a man gave her a $20 bill to buy some cookies and lemonade. Her father realized the bill was not real when he went to a local QFC store to buy more supplies for the stand. That clerk picked up on the funny money and called police. This is the first time Brett has operated a lemonade booth and she is not happy to be taken advantage of. “I hope he never does this again. He should know better. He is a grown man,” she said. Brett planned to use the money she earned to buy school supplies and books. Her mother, Dorian McCartt, says the fake bill looked real. She says she never thought to warn her daughter about counterfeiters. “I think this is a lesson in trust and that this guy is a creep,” she says. “Some of the people don’t have a lot of standards and they will go after easy marks,” said Kierstead. He says the best way to figure out the authenticity of the bills is to look at the embedded strip in the currency to see what denomination it is. He says the sophistication of the funny money and the denomination determines if it is a state forgery crime or a federal counterfeiting crime."

It is pretty creepy that someone would try to pass of fake money to a young person working at a simple lemonade. Luckily they noticed the bill was fake but it shows that these bills can show up anywhere.

A product like a counterfeit detector pen can help to stop these bills in their track so businesses and people don't end up with fake cash on their hands.

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