How Casinos Identify Counterfeit Bills

Casinos are one of the biggest money making industry's, and not just that; they are one of the biggest industries where the most money is exchanged from person to person. In every single casino across the country, money is exchanging hands. Sometime's it's being multiplied into more money, and sometimes players are losing it all. No matter what is happening, one thing is very important.

Ensuring that all currency within a casino is NOT counterfeit, is very important. If they don't do this, they'd lose millions and bad outcomes would stem from this. In a place where money is everything they're doing a lot to make sure that all currency is legitimate and valid.

There are some very basic ways to determine the legitimacy of money. These are by no means the best way to get things done. However, for the skilled eyes of dealers sometimes all they have to do is hold the money up to the light.

They can do this very quickly, and since many of them have been doing this for years, they have the proper training to determine whether or not the money is counterfeit. This is a quick way, and it lets the players quickly get to playing their game. Nobody gets impatient, and the dealer feels more confident in taking their money.

Another quick and easy way is to use a specialized pen that checks to make sure if the money is real or not. It doesn't matter how small the bill is, it should be checked. This is because small fake bills can lead to huge problems.

Before people work in a casino, many have to undergo training classes on how to identify counterfeit money. Education is key, especially in this industry when more than half their time at the casino will be spent handling money. There are many ways to spot a fake bill such as the paper material, size, and printing. They will learn all of these techniques to ensure that they aren't taking any tender that is not legal.

Now, besides the basic steps there are more complex ways. Due to the high amount of money that passes through a casino, the money is often counted by machines. These are highly specialized machines that can catch bills that pass by the eyes of the dealers, slot attendants, those working the cage, and other people who handle money in the casino.

The processing machine is full of scanners and cameras that give the money a thorough check. Any bill that doesn't seem right is spit out. It is then inspected by the person running the machine to determine exactly what went wrong, and what steps should be taken next.

There is also something called an ultraviolet checker. These are a simple and speedy solution for identifying counterfeit bills. The best part about this is that multiple bills can be checked at one time. The bills are held underneath, and the person working has to check for the fluorescent ink or the strip. If there is an absence of the fluorescence then the bill is fake.

In general, casinos have very high tech cameras all over the place. They can zoom in on any person, and even zoom in on the money that someone is carrying. If a person is acting suspicious with their money, then the people who are watching them on camera can alert security.

Lots of money goes into slot machines in casinos. These slot machines are state of the art, and can identify if real or counterfeit bills are going into them.

Overall, casinos are a very trustworthy and are safe places for money. They take great precautions, that you don't hardly ever have to worry about getting fake money from them. Casinos can't afford to have someone bring fake money in, therefore they take all the proper precautions.

Everyone working is trained with how to handle money. Just in case someone is not up to date, or slips up, that's when the technology comes in to place. With casinos being such a huge money making industry, they can't afford to not have machines that insure that the money is legit.

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Brenda Anderson - October 18, 2018

The Quest casino in Airway heights Spokane is passing counterfeit money. My sister received some of this money, when she confronted them about it, they told her to prove it, and who would they believe, them or her

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