Keeping Retail Customers and Employees Safe During a Pandemic

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As retailers and businesses open up across the United States, safety will be important to help reduce the spread of covid-19. This article was written to give a few ideas to keep in mind that can help keep both employees and retailer customers safer during these times.

Hand Sanitizer Stations

One of the more consistent recommendations throughout all this has been for people to keep their hands clean.  Setting up easily identifiable hand sanitizer stations is one way to ensure this in a business location. This is especially recommended near high touch areas such as doors and near baked goods.

Social Distancing Signs

Having easy to read signs placed throughout stores can help encourage people to keep safe distances from each other. Another common recommendation from health authorities has been for people to keep 6 feet apart from each other to help reduce the spread of covid-19.

Mandatory/Encouraged Mask Wearing

Different states may have different laws pertaining to this but numerous studies have been showing that wearing masks can help reduce the spread of the virus significantly. Masks help to reduce the amount of infectious aerosols that may leave a persons mouth, which in turn helps both symptomatic and asymptomatic people from spreading the infection in the air.

Keeping up to date with health authorities

The last recommendation here is simply to keep up to date with health authorities such as the CDC and other reliable health organizations. As this situation evolves and more is learnt about the virus, more information gets shared overtime.

By following some of these ideas we can help reduce the spread of the virus and help businesses stay more steady throughout all this. If you have any other ideas you think are worth keeping in mind, feel free to let us know or share in the comments.

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