Man Got Away With Printing $250 Million in Fake Currency

A fascinating story came out in the past year about a guy named Frank Bourassa from Canada who printed approximately 250 million in fake U.S. money over a few years. Before getting into counterfeiting, Frank Bourassa had a history with crime to make money, including stealing clothing and car parts onto stealing and selling actual cars. A little while after all of this Frank thought about how everyone was crumbling to make money and decided to skip all of that and go straight to counterfeiting money.

At his start into researching about faking money he did a lot of research on the internet and noted how most of the websites that came up on his searches where actually Government sites which had tons of information about fake money and the security features that currency has on them.

These features include the UV strips, watermarks, color shifting 20's (on $20 bills), color shifting eagles, serial number fonts and the actual feel of the bills themselves. All of this research took Frank a whole year to get all of this information together.

To make his fake money have a real feel to it, he used a variety of methods including sourcing out paper from mills in Switzerland and Germany that made a type of cotton and linen that is used in American currency, with a cover story that it was being used for another legal operation relating to money.

By doing this he could be sure that the cash had a real feel to it. He also out sourced ink and security features from China to add to the bills and had various parts shipped to a Canadian town outside of where he resided in Quebec.

He also used high quality printing machines to print the cash and set up shop in a location that had enough room to store the supplies and printers. From that point he began printing big numbers of money like you would see in a printing press, except in this case it was being done illegally.

After printing millions of fake dollars he then went on to make sales in the black market which included selling $1 million in fake cash to criminal groups for $300,000 in real money.

Eventually, authorities which included the Royal Canadian Police working with the United States Secret Service starting catching onto him and doing investigations into fake money that was being spread around to track Frank and the bills he was selling.

When they caught him, Frank sold to a an undercover agent and they shut down his operation. After getting arrested he gave the authorities $200,000,000 in fake money along with his printing press and got off on a deal in conjunction with a lawyer he had hired.  He also spent 6 weeks in jail and paid a fine in $1,500 Canadian dollars before he was released.

At the end of all this he claims to have made approximately $50 million in real money and got off with barely any jail time time and little fines. Frank is lucky to have gotten out with so little jail time and fees. Had he been caught in the U.S. there is a good chance he could have gotten significantly more time in jail and also fined more as U.S. law states you can get 15 years in prison and up to a $250,000 fine for counterfeiting U.S. currency.

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Check out the video below for the story from Frank Bourassa himself on how he got away with making $250 million in fake cash.


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