Police in Ashland City Warn Businesses of Counterfeit Money

This past Monday, authorities in Ashland City arrested a man for using counterfeit dollars at local businesses. Jesse Lee Eaton, 28 from Langston Albama is being held at Cheatham County Jail on a $50,000 bond and is on schedule to appear in Court on July 3. He has been charged on two counts of criminal simulation according to officer Johnny Hunter.

Authorities were alerted last Sunday that a fake 20 dollar bill  had been passed to a Domino's Pizza delivery driver, after which the driver reported to authorities that Eaton was staying at Budget Inn around the area.

At iTestCash we generally recommend counterfeit money detectors to avoid being left with any fake money that is passed around on a regular basis.

This report in Ashland City shows a continuing trend with phony money. At least as people and businesses we can keep an eye out and try best to avoid it and help insure that the money we receive is authentic.

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