Cassida 5520 Currency Counter / Counterfeit Detector

by Cassida


  • Counts at fast speeds of up to 1,300 bills per minute
  • Lightweight and small design makes it easy to transport in case you want to travel with your money counter. It's design fits right into any type of business environment
  • ValuCount makes money counting easy. Just select the type of dollars you are putting into the machine at a time and watch it count all your bills fast, while keeping track and adding up your total counts
  • Counting error detection alerts In case any of the bills you are counting are ripped, not a regular size (indicating a fake bill) or get stuck while counting, the machine will stop counting and let you know with a beeping sound. It will also show the error on its screen so you can take the bill out of the machine
  • UV and UV+MG counterfeit detection options. Both Ultraviolet and the Ultraviolet+Magnetic models can detect for a wide range of counterfeit bills. If any fake bills are found, the machine will let you know and stop counting so you can take the counterfeit bill out of the dispenser

Product Description

The Cassida 5520 is n easy to use professional money counter that comes equipped with features to help save time and reduce counting errors while counting bills. It is great any business or institutions that count bills whether you're with a small business, retailer, financial institution or large chain.


The ValuCount feature uses the denomination selected by the user to calculate the value of the dollar in the count. By activating ValuCount in the add mode, users can count different denominations while keeping track of the total value, so you can put in stacks of any type of bills whether it's $10's, $20's, or $100's, etc. and add the counts up.

Half, double and chain note detection

The 5520 comes with infrared sensors that are able to spot a wide range of bill errors, including half, double and chain notes. Meaning if a bill isn't regularly shaped or has any tears on the bills it will let you know.  In all cases the 5520 will stop its counting operation and alert the user with a sound and display the type of error on its screen.

Fast and Reliable Money Counting

The 5520 can count at speeds of up to 1,300 bills per minute time. It is built with advanced technology to ensure it gives you accurate counts, which also helps prevent money losses from human counting errors.

Counterfeit Money Detection

It comes equipped with Ultraviolet (UV and UV/MG models) and and magnetic sensors (UV/MG model) which are able to detect a wide range of counterfeit bills. When a counterfeit bill is detected, the 5520 stops the count and dispenses the suspected bill into its stacker for removal.

Mobile and Easy to use

With its lightweight and compact design, the Cassida 5520 can easily be transported using its built in handle. Its contemporary design can blend in with any business environment. This Money Counter/Counterfeit Detector is built with the user in mind and is very easy to use. The controls are simple and the machine works intuitively, while providing quality expected from a commercial money machine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jan B.
Excellent counter

We got the counter a few days after ordering and it works fast and easy. We use the machine at a clothing shop for adding up our bills when our store closes.

Michelle R.
Counts bills fast

At the end of the day we literally put in stacks of bills for everything we earned that day and add everything up. We usually will start adding up all our singles up to 100 and we do this in minutes. We're definetely satisfied with this solution for counting bills.

Debbie Shuler
Solid Product

Very pleased with product. Very good speed, completely accurate, many combinations of functions. Seems to save us a few hours in counting money each time! Received timely. Product as described.

Dave S.
Product and seller both good.

This is a good machine so far. The seller was fast and there were no problems.