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Counterfeit Detector Pen (1, 5 and 12 Packs)

Counterfeit Detector Pens
  • The original counterfeit pen by Dri-Mark
  • Good for thousands of tests
  • Works by making a mark on bills
  • A light mark passes the test and a dark mark is suspect
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Cassida InstaCheck Counterfeit Detector

Counterfeit Detectors
  • Instant counterfeit money detection
  • Green light indicates bill is genuine and red light and audible sound lets you know if a bill is suspicious
  • Check bills with Infrared and Magnetic technology
  • Used by Retailers, Banks, Restaurants and more
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Dri Mark Tri-Test Ultraviolet Counterfeit Detector

Counterfeit Detectors
  • Ultraviolet light reveals security threads in currency, credit cards, passports, ID's and more.
  • Works on battery or AC adapter
  • Counterfeit pen is included for extra counterfeit detection
  • Lightweight for easy portability
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Cassida Quattro 4-Way Automatic Counterfeit Detector

Counterfeit Detectors
  • Accepts bills inserted any way (up, down, front, back)
  • Easy to read pass/fail screen displays whether bill is genuine or counterfeit
  • Works continuously when plugged in and charges automatically for portable use
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Dri Mark Dual Test Counterfeit Detection Pen with UV LED Light

Counterfeit Detector Pens
  • Counterfeit pen can be used for 1,000's of tests
  • UV light can check for security strips on bills, ID's, checks and credit cards
  • The LED light runs on 3 LR44 button cell batteries
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Accubanker D500 Counterfeit Detector

Counterfeit Detectors
  • Automatic feeding function
  • Multi counterfeit detection (Magnetic/Infrared/Illustrations)
  • Used in industries that process medium to high amounts of cash regularly
  • Upgradeable 3 year manufacturers warranty included
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AccuBanker D-63 Counterfeit Detector

Counterfeit Detectors
  • UV light and watermark detection
  • Checks for security threads in currency, credit cards, documents and more
  • Ideal for anywhere low lit transactions take place
  • Plugs into outlet for continuous use
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Cassida 6600 UV or UV/MG Currency Counter

Currency Counters
  • Counts up to 1,400 bills per minute
  • Hopper holds 400 bills at a time
  • Auto start feature for continuous counting
  • UV & UV/MG counterfeit detection
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Cassida 5520 Currency Counter / Counterfeit Detector

Counterfeit Detectors
  • Counts up to 1,300 bills per minute
  • Lightweight and small design for easy portability
  • Counting error detection alerts in case a bill is irregularly sized or gets stuck in the machine
  • UV & UV/MG counterfeit detection
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Universal (US & Foreign Currency) Counterfeit Detector Pen (1 and 5 pack)

Counterfeit Detector Pens
  • Works on US and foreign currency including Euro, Pound, Pesos, Yen, Rand, Real, Rupee and more
  • Use by swiping a mark on bills
  • Good for thousands of tests
  • Easy to use money detection for travel
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Accubanker D580 Automatic Counterfeit Money Detector

Counterfeit Detectors
  • Multi counterfeit detection functionality- UV/IR/MG/Spectrum/Length
  • Automatic feeder
  • Detects multiple currencies including Euros, Pounds, Reals and Pesos along with US bills
  • Easy to use right out the box

Cassida C200 Coin Counter / Sorter / Wrapper

Coin Counters & Sorters
  • Counts up to 300 bills per minute
  • Hopper holds up to 2000 coins at a time
  • Counting, adding and batching modes
  • Lightweight and compact for easy portability
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