Mixed Bill Value Counter AB7100 (Bill Counter/Counterfeit Detector)

by AccuBanker

Product Description

  • Quick and easy USD bill counting
  • Three counting options available – MIX, COUNT and SORT
  • Three counterfeit detection methods – Infrared, UV, Magnetic detection
  • Easily updated software when new bills are released
  • Easy-to-read external display
  • USB and Printer connections
  • Count at 800, 1,000 or 1,200 bills per minute
  • Durable, fast, reliable and easy to use
  • Easy to update when new bills are released by the Government
  • 14.5 lbs, 11.20" x 10" x 11.40"
  • 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty included

Count Bills at Speed in a Variety of Ways

The AB7100 offers fast and reliable bill counting for businesses.

The MIX option allows you to count mixed denomination bills, giving you a total figure on the external display at the end.

The COUNT option is great for bills that have seen a bit of wear and tear and are therefore rejected by the MIX mode. It will count these bills before giving you a total number at the end. 

The SORT mode will scan the first bill entered into the machine and then scan every bill thereafter, ensuring that they are of the same denomination as the original. If it comes across a bill of a different denomination it will immediately stop, allowing the user to remove it. The result is a neat stack of bills that are all of the same denomination. This makes money sorting a lot easier!

All bills can be counted at 800, 1,000 or 1,200 per minute.

Counterfeit Detection

As well as counting and sorting your cash, the AB7100 will also check for counterfeit bills using a few different methods. The infrared scanner analyses each bill’s denomination, the UV light checks that the paper is authentic and the Magnetic detection system checks that each bill has magnetic properties.

All three of these methods work well on this model to give its users advanced counterfeit bill detection along with its money counting features.

Great for big businesses

For businesses that count bills regularly and want to check for fake cash, the AB7100 has you covered! With its included 3 year warranty, it is designed to be a great and long lasting machine for your business.

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