Counterfeit Detector Pen With Coil (1 Pack)

by Dri Mark
Save $2.00 (25%)


  • Good for thousands of tests.
  • Repeatedly recommended by law enforcement.
  • Just one fake bill detected more than pays for this product.
  • Wont dry up or stain!

Product Description

Clip the pen to one end of the coil and affix the other end of the coil to the counter or cash register with its included self-adhesive double sided tape. Simply make a small mark on any $US currency bill; a clear or light amber mark passes the test anything dark brown or black fails. A few dollar investment can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars over the life of the pen.

The Patented formula has revolutionized detecting counterfeit money across the country and around the world! Don't be fooled by imitation detector pens, markers or counterfeit detection devices. Fits easily in your pocket or purse don't get stuck with fake money or dollar bills. More affordable and easier to use and carry than electronic counterfeit equipment. With the advent of color photocopy machines and high resolution scanners and printers, there has been a surge in casual counterfeiting. It works on all new design U.S. currency (series 1959 and later). Simple to use and reliable.

  • Simply make a small mark on U.S. currency.
  • A clear or amber mark passes the test.
  • If the mark turns dark brown or black, the bill is probably counterfeit.

Recap after use and Avoid contact with skin and eyes.