Retail Drop Safe S200

by AccuBanker
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  • Sturdy, secure and easy to install
  • All accessories are included for installation
  • 2mm solid steel casing
  • It's compact size is good for all types of POS installations
  • Separate key for opening banknotes storage compartments 
  • Helps reduce losses from theft and quick-change scams
  • Backed by 3 year manufacturers warranty

Product Description

The S200 DropSafe is built with strong metal housing to keep high denomination bills securely locked and stored to reduce the risk of internal and external theft. To use it, just put your bills into the safe as needed, pull the lever and it automatically locks in.

It's compact size allows it to be used and hidden in any sized business environment. The safe's locking mechanism makes sure that only authorized key holders can access the safe. To collect bills, simply use the lock and collect your bills securely in a back office. After bill collection, lock the drop safe right back into it's location to resume collecting bills.