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Safes, Key Cabinets & Cash Boxes

100 Capacity Key Cabinet

Key Cabinets & Safes
  • Comes with full piano hinges for easy organization
  • Smooth textured steel construction, slotted on the back for easy wall mounting
  • Two keys are included for the cabinet

Buddy Products Cash Drawer with Alarm Bell

Cash Drawers
  • Triggers an alarm bell when the drawer is opened
  • 10 compartment money tray keeps currency separated in one place
  • The drawer can be locked with its key

Buddy Products Jumbo Cash Box

Cash Boxes
  • Keep bills, change and checks secure
  • Its 7 compartment tray leaves space to keep papers and small items locked underneath it
  • Recommended for businesses and personal use

Buddy Products Paymaster Cash Box

Cash Boxes
  • Fits right into desk drawers at 2-1/4" height
  • Popular for retailers and convince stores
  • Its compartment tray keeps coins and bills secure
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Coin and Bill Tray with Lid

Cash Drawers
  • 10 compartment tray keeps bills and coins secure
  • Keeps money easily organized
  • Wafer lock is included on the lid and comes with two keys

Electronic 48 Capacity Key Safe

Key Cabinets & Safes
  • Electronic keypad can be programmed for limited access and security
  • Stores and organizes up to 48 keys on its hinges
  • Its door is made with heavy duty 11 gauge steel for security

Key Cabinet - 300 Capacity

Key Cabinets & Safes
  • Holds up to 300 keys at a time
  • Key sections are split into 100 numbers for easy organization
  • Sections have different colors for easy identification of specific departments and floors, etc.

Key Cabinet - 60 Capacity

Key Cabinets & Safes
  • Holds up to 60 keys on its hinges
  • Securely locks for with wafer tumbler lock
  • Durable keg tags have easy to read numbers and metal snap hooks

Key Cabinet, 28 Hook

Key Cabinets & Safes
  • Holds 28 keys on its hooks at a time
  • Keys can be hooked on the cabinets walls and door hinges
  • Easy way to organize and keep keys safe

Retail Drop Safe S200

Cash Boxes
  • Keeps high denomination bills locked and stored to reduce risk of theft
  • Compact size allows it to be easily hidden and used
  • Locking mechanism opens with a key so only authorized key holders can open the safe
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SentrySafe HD4100 Fire Resistant Waterproof File Safe

Key Cabinets & Safes
  • Keeps files organized and securely locked up
  • Protects files and items from water and fire damage
  • Compact design for easy use
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SentrySafe SFW123CS Combination Fire, Water & Impact Resistant Big Bolt Safe

Key Cabinets & Safes
  • Help prevent valuable items from unpredictable events including fire, water and impace
  • Designed with strong bolts to prevent theft and unauthorized access
  • Designed for use in homes and businesses
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