Newest Products

Semacon S-120 Heavy Duty Coin Counter
  • Counts up to 2,000 coins per minute
  • Ideal for business such as retailers, banks, credit unions, vending machine operators, laundry centers and more
  • Designed for easy portability
Cassida C200 Coin Counter / Sorter / Wrapper
  • Counts up to 300 bills per minute
  • Hopper holds up to 2000 coins at a time
  • Counting, adding and batching modes
Universal (US & Foreign Currency) Counterfeit Detector Pen (1 and 5 pack) Save $4.00 (29%)
  • Works on US and foreign currency including Euro, Pound, Pesos, Yen, Rand, Real, Rupee and more
  • Use by swiping a mark on bills
  • Easy to use money detection for travel
Counterfeit Detector Pen With Coil Save $2.00 (25%)
  • The coil makes it easy to keep a counterfeit pen on hand for places of transaction
  • Good for thousands of tests
  • Clear or amber mark passes the test and a dark mark fails
Cassida 6600 UV or UV/MG Currency Counter Save $4.00 (2%)
from $258.00
from $262.00

Cassida 6600 UV or UV/MG Currency Counter

  • Counts up to 1,400 bills per minute
  • Auto start feature for continuous counting
  • UV & UV/MG counterfeit detection
Accubanker D500 Counterfeit Detector Save $13.00 (7%)

Accubanker D500 Counterfeit Detector

  • Automatic feeding function
  • Multi counterfeit detection (Magnetic/Infrared/Illustrations)
  • Used in industries that process medium to high amounts of cash regularly
Counterfeit Detector Pen Save $2.15 (30%)
from $5.00
from $7.15

Counterfeit Detector Pen (1, 5 and 12 Packs)

  • Good for thousands of tests
  • Works by making a mark on bills
  • A light mark passes the test and a dark mark is suspect