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Security Cameras & DVRs

100ft Siamese Video Power Audio Cable, AHD TVI HD-SDI CVI CCTV Cameras

Camera Cables
  • Can be used with CCTV, AHD, TVI, CVI & HD-SDI security cameras
  • Simplifies security system installation by removing the need to cut cable and crimp the ends yourself
  • Will work any analog CCTV camera that uses a BNC video connector, 2.1mm power plug & RCA for audio

1080p HD CCTV Smart Camera, AHD Security Camera

Security Cameras
  • Captures video in 1080p resolution
  • Built in infrared sees as far as 100 feet in total darkness
  • Connects right to compatible DVR's for easy use
  • Remote viewing and camera with mobile apps for iPhone and Android
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BNC Male to F Female Connector, BNC Screw-on to F Connector, F to BNC

Camera Cables
  • Male to F Female Connector
  • Converts a F female connection into a BNC male connection type
  • This connector screws onto a RG59 F connector to convert to a BNC connection

IDVR-PRO CCTV/HD Security Camera DVR

Security Cameras
  • Hybrid analog CCTV/HD security camera DVR with 4 channels and supports 720 AHD & 1080 AHD cameras
  • Can record 4-16 channels depending on the model, at 30 frames per second
  • Easy to use software applications allow for easy use
  • These DVR's are used by businesses, government and for home use
From $522.00

RG59 BNC Connector, Male BNC Twist-On Connector for RG-59 Coax Cable

Camera Cables
  • Male type connector, attaches without any special tools
  • Can be used with CCTV cameras and other video cabling applications
  • Cable must be properly stripped before using with the connector

RG59 Siamese Coax Cable 60 Foot, RG59U + 18/2 Power for CCTV Cameras

Camera Cables
  • Can be used with CCTV cameras and HD security cameras
  • Works with analog CCTV & hard wired HD security cameras that uses a BNC video connector & 2.1mm power plug
  • Helps simplify surveillance system installation by eliminating the need to cut cables and crimp the ends yourself

Wide Angle Security Camera, 180 Degree, HD 1080p, AHD CCTV, Infrared

Security Cameras
  • Covers a 180 degree security wide angle with a 2.5 mm fish eyed lens
  • Great for businesses, commercial, residential and government use.
  • Records through connection to DVR surveillance systems using hard wires
  • Weather proof for indoor and outdoor use
From $160.00