ID Scanners, Printers & Copiers

ID scanners, printers and copiers are all vital tools in the office and retail sector. If your office at home or work is in need of new printing or scanning equipment, you can count on iTestCash for a complete range of quality machines.

accubanker led430 id and bill detector
  • Recommended for large retailers and businesses
  • Verify security marks on cash, credit cards, ID's and more official documents from all countries
  • Backed by 3 Year Manufacturers Warranty

My company needs ID scanners for security. Do you provide those?

We carry various ID scanners that businesses and institutions can use for reliable ID scanning. One of our newest ID Scanners includes Veriscan, which offers a convenient and effective way to check IDs for age, security reasons and to keep track of staff or guests as they enter and leave your facilities. It uses cutting edge technology and top of the line hardware to make tracking and controlling access to your business or event easier than ever.

Do any of your ID scanners include counterfeit money detection?

The Cassida Omni-ID scanner includes money detection technology- with the same features as the Cassida Instacheck but with the included Ultraviolet light for checking identification cards. 

Can your scanners check more than just ID cards?

The UV light can be used for more than just ID cards. All kinds of official documents and cards include built in security marks that can be verified by checking with UV lights. Because of these built in marks, the UV light ID scanners we carry can also be used to examine passports, credit cards, social security cards, drivers licenses and many official documents that use UV markings.

Are your scanners backed by a warranty?

All of our scanners are backed by our 30 day guarantee and each product is backed by the manufacturers warranties. Our IDScan scanners include warranties for up to 1 year included. At iTestCash we fully back the products we carry. If you have any questions about any products we carry, send us a message and we will be happy to help.