Safes, Key Cabinets & Cash Boxes

Are you looking for an effective way to protect your valuables? Whether you need safes, key cabinets or cash boxes for personal or business use, you can rely on products from iTestCash. We understand the value of protecting your money and precious items, and provide you with high quality products to help you do just that. Check out our range of products or read our questions and answers below to learn more.

100 Capacity Key Cabinet

100 Capacity Key Cabinet

  • Comes with full piano hinges for easy organization
  • Smooth textured steel construction, slotted on the back for easy wall mounting
  • Two keys are included for the cabinet
Buddy Products Cash Drawer with Alarm Bell
  • Triggers an alarm bell when the drawer is opened
  • 10 compartment money tray keeps currency separated in one place
  • The drawer can be locked with its key
Buddy Products Jumbo Cash Box
  • Keep bills, change and checks secure
  • Its 7 compartment tray leaves space to keep papers and small items locked underneath it
  • Recommended for businesses and personal use
Buddy Products Paymaster Cash Box
  • Fits right into desk drawers at 2-1/4" height
  • Popular for retailers and convince stores
  • Its compartment tray keeps coins and bills secure
Coin and Bill Tray with Lid
  • 10 compartment tray keeps bills and coins secure
  • Keeps money easily organized
  • Wafer lock is included on the lid and comes with two keys
Electronic 48 Capacity Key Safe
  • Electronic keypad can be programmed for limited access and security
  • Stores and organizes up to 48 keys on its hinges
  • Its door is made with heavy duty 11 gauge steel for security
Key Cabinet - 300 Capacity

Key Cabinet - 300 Capacity

  • Holds up to 300 keys at a time
  • Key sections are split into 100 numbers for easy organization
  • Sections have different colors for easy identification of specific departments and floors, etc.
Key Cabinet - 60 Capacity

Key Cabinet - 60 Capacity

  • Holds up to 60 keys on its hinges
  • Securely locks for with wafer tumbler lock
  • Durable keg tags have easy to read numbers and metal snap hooks
Key Cabinet, 28 Hook

Key Cabinet, 28 Hook

  • Holds 28 keys on its hooks at a time
  • Keys can be hooked on the cabinets walls and door hinges
  • Easy way to organize and keep keys safe
accubanker retail dropsafe s200

Retail Drop Safe S200

  • Keeps high denomination bills locked and stored to reduce risk of theft
  • Compact size allows it to be easily hidden and used
  • Locking mechanism opens with a key so only authorized key holders can open the safe
Small Electronic Drawer Safe
  • Easily place in a drawer or mount onto a wall
  • Doors are built with 11 gauge steel construction to keep your valuables secure
  • Program a code with its electronic keypad for secure access
Wall Safe

Wall Safe

  • Easily mount into any wall
  • Heavy gauge steel door to keep valuables from theft
  • Approx 500 cubic inches of space to store valuables

What can your safes protect against?

At iTestCash, we have a wide range of safes and key cabinets to suit your individual or business needs. Whether you require secure protection for your valuables against theft, a specialized laptop safe to protect your laptop and its contents from prying eyes or somewhere to keep important documents safe from fire, water or impact, we've got what you need.

What if I need a safe with multiple keys for my business?

We understand that for certain businesses, multiple keys for your safes or key cabinets are required to ensure security as well as accessibility. Our business line of key safes ranges from 48- to 200-key safes to suit your needs.

I need a portable way to keep my cash safe when I travel to festivals and shows for my business. Can you help?

While many businesses and banks rely on lockable cash boxes for easy storage and transport of cash between tills or sales desks, cash boxes are also the ideal way for businesses that need to travel for shows, fairs or festivals to keep both cash and coin organized, accessible and secure. Don't take chances with your hard-earned money when you can keep it safe with a quality cash box from iTestCash.

Why should I choose a safe or cash box from iTestCash?

At iTestCash, we offer the very latest technology in safes, key cabinets and cash boxes. We understand the importance of keeping your valuables secure, but we also know that one product does not suit every individual or business need. Our range of products comes from our partnership with Buddy Products and SentrySafe - two of the top names in security products - to ensure that when you choose a product from iTestCash, your valuables are truly secure.